How Young Do You Start Working on Sibling Rivalry?

How to best prepare a needy two year old for the arrival of a new baby?photocredit...more

"Can We Leave the Baby at Grandma's... Forever?"

I can’t say I am surprised, or that I wasn’t warned. When we took Oren to the pediatrician for his first doctor’s visit, his kind doctor asked us how Em was dealing with the baby’s arrival. C and I answered that she seemed to be doing surprisingly well, with just a few signs of anxiety here and there. The pediatrician looked at us with sympathy and told us that it was going to get worse, and probably quite a bit worse, in the coming weeks. Since that appointment, Emmy has done her job proving that our pediatrician is indeed a wise woman....more Hello! I have missed you much, and hope all is well by you! Thank you so ...more

Sibling Jealousy: My Older Child Hogs All the Attention

My older son is six years old and always wants to be first and grab all the attention away from his little brother. What should I do?photocredit...more

28 Weeks Pregnant: The 7th month kicks in

At 28 weeks, I have now entered in to month number 7 of this 10 month (yes, you read right, 10 months!) slog of pregnancy. Quite unnervingly, with still almost 3 months to go, it's getting tough. The pains have increased greatly and for days on end I am in extreme discomfort in my lower back and hip joints....more

A Car Seat Crisis - Coping with a new addition

Jeffrey still goes to daycare about 2-3 times per week in order not to lose his spot.   Today was the first time that I took Jeffrey in my car.  This is the conversation that went on when he saw that I had switched his car seat from the back of the passenger side to behind me in order to put Tyler's car seat where his USED to be. Jeffrey (who took one look and started crying):  "Why is my car seat moved?" Me:  "You're sitting behind me now because I wanted you to be closer to me (trying an approach)". ...more