The New Normal

Lilo is in the early stages of puberty. You know, the whole breast buds and a tiny amount of downy hair on the private bits and some weight gain in the tummy/hips area thing. This concerns her; doubly so because she has autism and likes shit to be precise. Right now, early pubescence feels weird. It is weird. Other girls are doing it faster/slower than she is. There are NO HARD RULES about timing or order of appearance regarding her bodily changes. Her emotions are all over the place. WTF??...more

The next generation of sex talks, it just keeps going and going...

Sex is such an awkward topic. I remember when I asked my mom where babies came from, I was about 8 years old. I guess her RN training kicked in because she broke out the books and pictures. I walked away from the whole thing shell shocked, certain being a mom would never be in my future.  It was also confusing, because of the secrets I was already burdened with carrying. Fast forward to adulthood. With so much shame about my body and sex growing up it was difficult to consider how to broach the topic with our kids....more

A Letter to the Father of Hannah Who Posted “To My Parents” on Facebook

Dear father of Hannah: I watched the video you posted for others to see and thought about you, your wife and Hannah today. I talked to some friends about your struggle and I read a couple of newspaper articles covering the “news” of your video getting widespread attention. I would imagine that things are really weird around your house right now. You’re probably getting quite a few media calls, Hannah is probably getting quite a few media calls too, and I would imagine that your life changed more than you could have imagined since last night. That’s a big consequence for the decision to make and post your video response to Hannah. I hope you all are okay through the hullabaloo, because after it dies down you all will have some healing to do....more
So this young girl believes that if someone angers you, it's OK to publicly humiliate the person ...more

Living with a Teenager with OCD

Noah is my fourteen-year-old son who was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety disorder about  3 years ago.  When he was five, he had been diagnosed with ADHD, but as a time went on, his symptoms changed, there was the magical year of 2nd grade when he did really well without a lot of symptoms, and then things changed and it took the next few years to really figure out what was going on with Noah....more

Old Cell Phone Photos 3: The Tale of Becoming a Crusty Punk and My Daughter's Belly Laugh

About three years ago my daughter had just decided to gauge her ears, she had been shopping steadily in thrift stores for about eighteen months, and was doing everything within her power to prove she was unique among all other humankind....more

Old Cell Phone Photos 1: The Day We Ended Up In A Brothel Outfitters Store

Rylee had finished hair stylist school and had two weeks before she began her first job.She and I devised a plan to take a trip up the turnpike, have a weekend in Tulsa and spend time reconnecting after a long dry spell. Her time before becoming a responsible adult was vanishing fast, and we were out to grab as much gusto as possible before the paycheck thing began.We found a delightful coffee shop called "Shades of Brown" and loved on a beagle puppy....more