The Latest on Teen Birth Control

The National Survey on Family Growth has just come out with some stats for data collected between 2006-2008....more

Those Piles of Dirty Clothes Kids Leave Around the House

Dear J - I am so deeply sorry that I have not understood about the piles of clothes you've been leaving around the house all these years. ...more

Embracing The Generation Gap

It feels right that there are differences between generations.  I like the gap.  It’s enjoyable being with younger people and then it’s sometimes a relief  being with people  who begin sentences with “I remember when.” ...more

Early Puberty

Laurie and Debbie say: ...more


What I've read suggests that endocrine-disrupting chemicals and hormones are a ...more

Introduction To Moms Dads Teens and Tweens

Hi, I am new to the blogher community. I have a blog, the Browse around and let me know what you think, it is relatively new. Supporting families with troubled teens today. I am hoping to go to the conference in San Francisco, but right now I am on the waiting list. :o( If anyone has any ideas on how I can register let me know. Looking forward to the community. TroubledTeenBlogger  ...more

Leesburg boy’s father warns parents about deadly choking game that took his son’s life

One minute, 12-year-old David Cody Hudson tells his dad he’s going to take a nap. Later, the dad hears a thump. The boy is sprawled unconscious on his bedroom floor. The father, David D. Hudson, 36, of Leesburg, told the Orlando Sentinel, whose story by Stephen Hudak should be required reading for every parent, “I wish I had known what he was thinking.” Authorities believe the boy died after playing the choking game. Read more at Covering Florida. ...more