Adoption, Loss and Reunion: An Interview with the Author of Jessica Lost

At the beginning of the year, I was picking out books to read for the Adoption Reading Challenge I started. As I hopped around adoption-related books on Amazon, I came across one that would be released in May 2011: "Jessica Lost: A Story of Birth, Adoption & The Meaning of Motherhood." As a birth mother, I was exceptionally interested in this book as it is written by a birth mother, Bunny (Faith) Crumpacker, and an adult adoptee, Jil Picariello. I was thrilled to be able to interview Jil for BlogHer....more

I am an adoptive mother of identical twin girls, age 46. We have located the birth mother, but ...more

finding "me" in the bathroom stall

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She ran, and I found her

When I was born, my mother named me Heather. She loved the beautiful resiliency of those purpley-pink, stalky flowers. Somehow she knew I would need this flower’s characteristic ability: to withstand shock, to adjust easily to misfortune. ...more

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Thanks, Denise! I had thought that they weren't well-frequented but your comment has given me ...more