What to Say to a Trans-Racial Adoptive Family

Here's the kicker folks: there is rarely such thing as an obviously adoptive family. One of my friends is in a bi-racial marriage and her kids favor her non-Caucasian husband, and she gets questions about "where they come from" often. I don't know how she responds but I know I would want to say, "My children come from my uterus," or if I were feeling snippy, "My husband impregnated me."...more
I think that your post, although well intentioned, shows clearly the age of your child, and the ...more

My World

I will be in the process of getting my journal here in a better order than it is elsewhere so that it makes sense:18th July 2010...more

A Birth Mother's Prayer

Dear Lord, I am so proud of her and love her so very much! Because of her, I know now what love really is and who deserves it. I want her to know more than anything how much I love her. Will she ever really know how much my heart aches to hold her in my arms and tell her how wonderful she is? Please God protect my little angel and give her a life full of joyful moments she can cherish. Keep her safe from all the evil in this world and shelter her spirit as she grows so that she can shine with Your love in her, all the days of her life. Lord, You know how much I love her..please let her know in her heart that her birth mom loves her, and tell her I miss her every second too. But also let her know that I am glad she is, where she is. I never want her to feel guilty one day, because she loves her adoptive mom in a way she could never love me. The one that was there for her everyday of her life, should be who she calls mom and the one she always thinks of as her mom. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Let her know, when the times comes and she learns about me, that I will never be jealous of the love she has for her real family. I know that when she gets older she will learn more about the love I have for her, and it might not be understandable until then either. I want her to know she has nothing to worry about or question. All I want her to do is be able to love with all her heart and never feel guilty for doing so. The love I have for her is so deep, it could never be jealous or selfish or want anything from her! My greatest contribution to life is her. She can never do anything that would make me stop loving her, nothing! I’m prepared if she doesn’t understand who I am or what I did. I know God has a reason for everything and I trust in Him. Help us, God, to both spend the rest of our lives on earth living for You and as a reflection of You. Your blessings are abundant and help her to see them all throughout her life. Also let her know that she, herself, is one of your greatest blessings. My love for her is endless and I feel it pours out of my soul constantly for her. I could gush and glean about her every second of my life. There is so much about her I am thankful for, that I can’t see it possible to not praise You every second of every day for what You have done. I won’t regret my decision later in life, although I know I may be tempted to at times. I know it is God’s will, so how could I think to regret that? ...more

we are adopting, and my heart aches for his first mom.  He is due to be born October 10th and ...more