If This Then That: Reflections on Adoption

The theology of adoption has a thick ribbon of rescue running through it....more

Let's Get Real: Embracing Duality in Adoptive Families

In her book Journey of the Adopted Self, Betty Jean Lifton addresses the sticky issue of the word "real" in adoptive families: "The adoptive mother believes she is the real mother because she is the one who got up in the middle of the night and was there for the child in sickness and health....more
Great post, that book sounds really good for people who have experienced or are experiencing ...more

Love Is Not a Pie

When I tell people that I have developed a good relationship with my daughter’s biological mother and am feeling very positive about the efforts my husband and I have been making to include her more in our lives as an extended family member, they almost always respond with some version of the following: “Wow, that’s great! But aren’t you afraid …” This is followed by the expression of various concerns that naturally arise....more

Your story reminds me of the ideal romcom, the kind of movie that sweetly portrays ideal lives ...more

I am an adoptive mother - why?

I have always wanted to dig deep within to understand why I wanted to be an adoptive mother rather than a biological one. It was an instinct so overpowering that at the time I never thought to wonder why. It is an instinct that had been with me since I was in my early teens. I never could think of myself as a biological mother. I have a vague idea that maybe my early years took away any attachment to and dependence on the idea of sanctity and safety in the ties of a genetically linked family....more