Friday Wrap-Up & Adult Acne

Well, it's been a busy week. The days are flying by and I wish I had more productive hours to utilize. I find the older I get, the faster time seems to fly. The more goals in life I'm trying to hit, the faster the arms of the clock are moving. I wonder if time seems to slow down when you retire, and then speeds up again, as you get older? I guess only time will tell....more

Adult Acne In Women

Zits are not just part of a life phase that happens to teenagers. Many people continue to get pimples well into their adult years. It has been estimated that nearly 20% of men and 30% of women suffer from acne between the ages of 20-60. Therefore, adult acne affects more women than men.The Myth of the Dirty Face...more

Ugh, my FACE!

Yeah, I have adult acne. Well, more like teenager acne that never went away. I've tried just about everything--face masks, ProActiv, acne clearing makeup, changing my diet, etc etc. It's not as bad as it was in high school, but I still get break outs all over my chin. My mom says it's because sensitive skin runs in our family (she's in her mid-50s and still gets zits!).Any advice for what I can do to help clear up my skin? I'm sick of people asking how old I am and being shocked when I say I'm not 15.--Sarah Jean...more

Adult Acne Diary: Day 2

If you read the previous ...more


As a vlogger who interacts with her audience and speaks with high-profile experts and celebrities, having a zit is a total nightmare and unfortunately, it has become part of my daily worries. From red circular scars that have lived on my face for more than three years to a new pimple after eating fried food, there are days when my face isn't as clear as it was in high school and it drives me crazy!...more

What Causes Acne?

Even with all the research that has been conducted about acne the debate still rages about the causes of acne.  The exact causes of acne are not entirely known and subsequently because of this there is no actual cure for acne.  At the moment experts believe that acne results from several related factors.  ...more