Sticks and Stones - Words Hurt

“You’re a fat, fat gross lady.”...more

Playground Bullies at Work

Whether it is the kid from A Christmas Story tormenting Ralphie or another character from real life, the playground bully has been around since before there were playgrounds. A bully is defined as a person who hurts or browbeats those who are weaker. At my children's elementary school, this bully looks like the kid that used to steal my son's snack or who grabbed his kickball from him at lunch and made him "come and get it".  It is the kid that used to shove my child out of the way in line, knocking him onto the ground....more

Milk Money Bandits

Bullies. To some, the word itself evokes fear. In a previous generation, kids would steal your milk money or lunch money in order to keep peace in a self-ordained anarchy. The victim gives up the money hoping to keep their nose in the same place or to avoid a day full of teasing and threatening. These pirates (or bandits) do this in order to feel superior. This superiority eventually bleeds over into their jobs, whether it’s theatre or manufacturing. Working with one of these ruffians can make for an extremely stressful life. ...more

How Will Our Kids Learn if Adults Bully One Another?

Anti-bullying campaigns dominate the Internet lately, and rightfully so. Frequently we turn on our computers and head to our favorite news websites to learn that yet another child has taken his life as a result of incessant teasing or ridicule from his peers. As adults we experience empathy not only for the tormented victim but also for his parents and their overwhelming sense of loss from the death of their beloved child. Unfortunately, though, bullying is not strictly relegated to the under-18 crowd. I think, until we put an end to adult bullying, more and more of our children will turn to this behavior as a socially-accepted manner of elevating themselves within their own peer groups....more
 @kaurnawoman So true! Too often professional athletes have a tough time turning off their ...more

Society Can Make it so Difficult... does not do enough to Help High Profile People who have F**Ked Up

Truths from the Chaos      My brother and I used to sit at the top of the stair case and listen ~~~~~~~.  I was in the first or second grade, and he was one year older than me. We sat motionless and stared to the bottom of the stair case as our elbows rested hard on our knees, cheeks in our little hands. “What should we do?” “I don’t know....more
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Calling out the bully

A few years ago I wrote this post. I never named names, however the nosy next door neighbor of this girl certainly knew who I was talking about — because he alerted her parents to this kid’s actions. And then I got a phone call. The mother and I had a conversation, she said she talked to her daughter and that she admit that she rang our bell, and ran because my husband scared her off. I thought it was interesting that they bought her story, but whatever, we agreed that our kid’s both needed time apart from each other....more
@Chivas Sandage My neighbor is so bizarre, I can't even wrap my head around him. My husband and ...more

Two "Men" and a Lady.

 So, I went to Target today to buy some much-needed items for my household. I had a coupon for a bag of free Turkey Jerky and it was expiring soon. I decided I had better use it because I will be kicking myself if I don't.Fast-forward to the check-out process......more

Bullying in the workplace

When people hear about bullying, the first thought that goes through their mind would generally be of physical activities that cause discomfort or distress toward another person.  ...more

Sexual Harassment is Adult Bullying (and It's Alive and Well)

This week I was reminded I was a woman. Not in an empowering, positive way, but in a objectifying, belittling, humiliating way. This week, though, in under an hour, I was reminded that smart, attractive women with ideas aren't always welcome. In fact, we are threatening and must be demoralized so as to prevent any inclination to rise up and do more than stay at home with the kids. ...more

Hi all-

I'm noticing a common theme as I read through these entries (and comparing them with ...more

Getting Over the Shock: How to Handle Being Bullied as an Adult

The Lack of Reaction   I'm not the kind of person you would expect to be bullied, especially as an adult....more