He wasn't just after sex

You know I was really worried that C was just after my ass and was not interested in being my friend after I told him about the Christian thing but he is coming over today to just hang out – and all I can think about is getting his dick inside me it’s awful.  I hope god isn’t mad at me for having these thoughts I can’t help them I know they are carnal I know they are bad but they are automatic I can’t like stop them they pop in I love sex I can’t wait to get a vibrator can anyone please comment if a vibrator is as bad as sex please idk if it is or not?!   I just wante...more

Did you see this coming???? The date that made me GASP!!!! - THE END

“Bob” and I went to a historic town that had cute little shops and had lunch on our second date – well third if you count our initial meeting. He had on those shorts again…. We checked out a couple of shops before having lunch. He ordered an appetizer for us to share – but didn’t ask me if it sounded good to me….?...more

Did You see this coming??? The date that made me GASP - Part 2

“Bob” and our first “real date” Well Bob and I have been chatting on the phone and texting – a lot. A little too much for my taste but I keep reminding myself that he is in sales and trying to keep my interest. He is expressing an interest in my activities and days and is very attentive in terms of calling. I am a little wary of what seems to be one sided conversations at times. There were a few occasions when he would not comment on my story but just go on to his…. OK I said to myself – he is a successful man and wants to make sure I know it....more

Did you see this comming??? The date that made me Gasp!!!!

Hello I am 47 years old divorced for 8 years. I have been dating via traditional sources as well as using online services.  I am a professional working woman - I have a grown son and two dogs. The one thing that I have learned is that I have a lot to learn about dating in my 40's...OK almost 50's..... We have all had different experiences that have given us our current perspective that we bring to our current experiences. Experience can be good, strange or just funny......more

Scenic Date Idea


The Dating Game

One week I decided I would be sporadic and do things I wouldn’t normally do now that I am a single lady. In that week I managed to get myself two numbers from two completely different guys. The first was a Bar manager. Me and my friend went to just get a quick drink and the guy kept looking over (he wasn’t bad looking). He then asked us if we wanted to try a drink and gave us a free one. No-one else was trying these drinks so it was fairly obvious that he was flirting with us. So I thought, ok be bold and give him my number, so I did!...more

Newly Single Confusion!

I am and have always been a confident, outgoing and opinionated woman, but there is one thing that continuously baffles me in my life...Men!  I have had a long line of serious relationships and I have never really played the dating game.  I always just fell into a "serious" girlfriend role.  Only now-newly single am I starting to analyze why I keep getting myself into this situation.  Now I have had time to think about everything it makes perfect sense.  I find it difficult not to get emotionally involved with someone if we are sleeping together....more

The Non-Negotiables

I make incredible demands on myself. Some may call me a perfectionist, others may coin the term “over-achiever”, and I can’t even begin to count the amount of times someone has told me they envy my bravery. But to me, none of these titles really fit who I am because I’ve never thought twice about pushing myself to the extreme or shooting for my dreams – no matter how unattainable they may seem. To me, the most terrifying risk is not giving the things that matter the most, my everything. I’d rather fail a thousand times than to never try once....more

Lost Men Over 40 !!

Trying to date a man over 40 these days has become like traveling back to High School with knowing something now you did not know then,, and they DO NOT KNOW NOW!!  ...more
You should try meeting singles on a dedicated dating website for singles over 40 such as ...more

I'm Not Having Your Baby

     So, I was raised by a single mother, like most African-American children. I know it must have been difficult at times for my mother to juggle, but I will not equate my youth to that of other African-American kids....more