Law & Order SVU: Pornstar's Requiem - People who work in adult entertainment are STILL people, just like anyone else

Last night I watched Law and Order SVU: Pornstar's Requiem, this episode was (like all the others) ripped from the headlines. This time it was about Miriam Weeks, who has been dubbed the "Duke" pornstar Belle Knox. This post isn't about the show or the rape, it has to do with one line that stood out to me....more

Jenna Jamison, Porn Star Extraordinaire, Leaving The World of Adult Entertainment?

Super porn star, Jenna Jamison, is on her knees again except this time there are no cameras rolling, no bright lights, no oiled down studs and no ‘erection’ wrangler standing at the ready. Jenna, it seems, is in talks with the producers of the hit Broadway show, “Rock of Ages” as the possible new star of this iconic musical.  Jenna says she’s “praying I get the role” in a statement she made to Page Six and reported by Fox News....more

A Different Kind Of Authority For Sex Bloggers

Mainstream bloggers and adult bloggers have authority issues. Read about it here. ...more

Porn Star Joyous After Getting Rid of Implants

What does it mean when the Queen of Porn is happy to get rid of her implants? Jenna Jameson, the brightest star in the porn universe, whose iconic status in adult films brought her cross-over name-recognition and mainstream appeal, is quitting the industry, reports US Weekly . To show the world she means it, she visited plastic surgeon Garth Fisher on August 1 and had her implants taken out. In an interview with US Weekly, Jameson says: ...more

I hadn't thought about the movie issue. Something tells me the movie will feel more like her ...more