10 Things I Confess I Do Not Understand from Garden Gnomes to Viagra Commercials.

10 Things I Confess I Do Not Understand1. Women who wear those sweat pants with the word JUICY emblazoned across the rear end. Really?!?2. Pringles Potato Chips, all flavors. It's like the IKEA furniture design team got a hold of some bad weed, smoked it, then poured open a box of  dried potato flakes, a box of Morton's salt, tap water and mucked around in a test kitchen for 24 hours.3. Garden gnomes ...more

Halloween Entertaining Ideas

Every year for Halloween, after we are done with the kids’ trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, we have a few (adult) neighbors over for some grown-up treats....more

Halloweeniac: It's Not Easy Being Queen

Every town has one: a Queen of Halloween. It's a heavy burden (mostly because full size candy bars are expensive!) but I love it! Read more at Pajamas and Coffee. (pic of my house:) ...more





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