Cross Post: Living and Loving in "Denial"

“Denial is more symbolic than literal.” -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler from On Grief and GrievingSo how have I been in denial about being single? I can think of several ways: Trying to make a man love me; holding on to a “fantasy relationship;” seeking romantic relationships to make me happy and to fill a void; seeking romantic relationships to fix what was broken within me…...more Thank you for the recommendations, I will add those to my reading list! :)more

Boomer's First Online Date

   After searching the single dating site I joined, I decided to email a few eligible men who seemed to compatible with me. I am interested to meet as many guys as possible in order to weed out the right one from the wrong ones.Weed out is the proper word for my first date as you will find out as you red on. This may or may not be a good technique, but I'm going with it. If I find more than one man who suits me, then I am open to keeping a couple of men around to test the waters. I don't plan on having sex with anyone until I really feel the wave of passion hit me....more

Happy & Single. Happy to Be Single.

I know five couples who were engaged or married in December 2012. It’s officially that time in our lives.  The pressure is on. Or not really. I’m not seriously dating anyone. I’m also seriously not dating anyone. At all. So whatever self-created pressure there is to be married before 30 is laughable because it’s simply not going to happen. Most days, I’m absolutely content with this reality. However, last week one of my students made me a little less content with my present relationship status....more