What Is My Adult Toy Made Of?

There’s a lot of talk in the industry lately about toxic toys. The problem is that the sex toy industry is currently completely unregulated. Because many places consider adult toys to be a novelty, they don’t use the same sort of medical ranking system befitting things you will be sticking into your body. They just kind of say, “Oh, whatever, this feels good!” and aren’t held to any legal ramifications for what they list as the actual ingredients....more


I did what he said the second he told me and man was I surprise.“It didn’t fit!”Remember I told you (LxWxH).  There was no problem. I was wetter than the pool at the hotel. He was just a giant. I could feel the wall inside me scream from the pleasure of being caressed by the smallest thrust of his hips, which caused his member to enter with caution. The sensation was so good that I couldn’t make a sound. It had to be the expression on my face that gave him concern.“You ok?”...more


I felt his warm lips on my wet wanting member.  It was a warm, but adoring kiss before he placed my feet back on the ground.  Who knew those strong abs were able to raise to sitting position and muscular arms were able to lift me up that high. He kissed my leg from ankle to knee.  His hands grabbed my thigh and took a nice bit.“Ouch!” I said placing my hand on his head as I stood over him in a straddled position. “Why did you bit me?” I asked looking down at the large bit mark.“I wanted a taste of chocolate.”...more