Raising Good Men

"What is it that I can do, or not do, as a mother, to enable a path to manhood and ensure that it is realized for our boys?"...more

Learning is a Lifelong Adventure

Welcome to the August 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Life LearnersThis post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have talked about how they continue learning throughout life and inspire their children to do the same.***...more

We'd Talk About the Little Things - #MothersDay

I carry around in my head a fantastical conversation where my mom somehow rips the time space continuum and moves heaven and earth and death itself to chat with me, if only for a little while.We don’t have much time, Baby Girl. What’s going on? Talk to mom. She grins.I’ve just been thinking about standing next to you in church during the responsive reading every Sunday.Okay, Babygirl, Mom’s listening…...more
So, so beautiful, Rochelle. I'm sorry you were missing your momma this weekend, as I'm sure you ...more

I don't like to cook, but I have to

For me, the largest struggle of adulthood has been feeding myself. I don’t enjoy cooking, I try to eat as many raw things as possible, and I eat out as much as I can afford to. However, I’ve come to the point where I have to admit that this is not fiscally responsible. And it’s not really healthy either. I do think I make healthy choices when I eat out, but it’s cold and flu season and as much as I trust the health department and general food worker, germs still happen....more

What happens when you turn 30?

So I am turning 30 years old November 12! A part of me is really excited and a part of me is upset that I wont have the number 2 before the other digit. I'd like to believe that my tolerance has changed, also what I care for and who I want around me.When I was in my teens / early 20's I cared more about what people think. I am not saying I don't care at all, but I do care a lot less. I never left my house without eyeliner or my hair done just incase someone good looking saw me. I wanted to look my best in public....more
A lot has changed in the years just before and since turning 30 and I'm happy for all of it. I ...more

When did making friends get weird?

I've always been the type of person who prefers having one or two close friends rather than a large group of them. I think thats kind of an introvert thing. Growing up, we moved around quite a bit, but I don't distinctly recall any particular anxiety about making friends. Between school and sports, friends just kind of happened....more

Indulging My Id Would Do Me Good

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf...more

My son: the (all grown up) Musician

In a few months I will be mother to an adult.  My oldest son will be turning eighteen years old.  Wait, what?  When did this happen?  Somehow, amidst the years of homeschooling and refereeing fights between he and his sister, I just didn’t see this coming. He even went so far as to grow facial hair... What!!?? ...more

Because I'm An Adult Now

So, I have been doing the adult thing for quite some time now.  You know the laundry, marriage,  grocery store, cooking, homeowner, cleaning, bringing your own card to the party-not just signing onto Mom’s.  But this past month I have realized it has reached a whole new level....more