Why I let my daughter pay.

Several times during this visit I’ve tried to pay for things but my daughter wouldn’t hear of it. At one point she noted that she now makes considerably more than I do, thanks to my recent economic downturn.  She wasn’t snide or condescending, but rather expressing a “so glad I can help you for a change” vibe. When I thanked them today for buying me lunch out Abby’s response was, “Thank you for cooking and cleaning.” ...more

The Mothering Job - Yes, the Mom Holiday is Over but Shouldn't Everyday be our Day?

...When rooms are trashed and eyes are rolled, love is there. MORE...more

I'm a Stay-at-Home Mom Again: My Nest Is No Longer Empty

for a little while, we will all be here, together. The four of us, together. Together, under one roof. Together, for a while -- who knows how long. Four adults. Together. Do you get where I’m going with this? I am actually really, truly looking forward to it. I mean it. It will be fun for us to all be home again. We haven’t spent much time as a family of four over the past few years, and I know we’ll laugh a lot. And probably yell a little bit. Or a lot....more
 @Poky Puppy ADD It Again Thanks so much Kim! I absolutely will keep writing - I love it for so ...more

Mother's Day is Back

In the day of strangely mixed responses to, and fascination over the conflicting details of the killing of Osama bin Laden, uncertain economic times, rising jobless rates, sinking house values and Idol singers crying who has time to remember mom?  Will the President speak at Ground Zero today or won’t he?  It’s Cinco de Mayo.  There are tostadas to prepare.  Grown children live states or countries away.  With education having been more accessible and necessary many children are separated from their parent’s education attainments by degrees.  The uninten...more

Mothers Day

I recently saw my doctor and she was telling me that me there are 2 days a year that are truly mine and mine alone. One is my birthday and the other is Mothers day. She also said at my last physical they were these were the only 2 days a year I was not to worry about what I was eating and how bad it was for me however, I digress. Mother's day for me is bittersweet. I am so proud of the adults they have become yet I miss them terribly. I revel in the fact that we made it all in one peace but worry about their therapy bills later. I am kidding... I hope. ...more