Meeting baby daddy.

I have been with my ex since I was 15 years old (I'm now 20). We split up in June of this year. It wasn't a very good ending, but was much needed. I was exhausted with all I had been through with him. When we first started dating, he was my dream come true. Then I felt like it was the right time to have sex, I was wrong. After having sex for a couple months, his true colors started to show. He usually lasted anywhere from an hour to two hours, it was a daily thing. Suddenly, he started working later and not returning my calls or texts, and the sex became less and less often....more

Is it possible to recover after infidelity?

18 months ago my husband of 10 years cheat on me with someone at his job. We had two children and a baby on the way. I found out through someone else and it took him an entire year to finally admit it to me. I was devastated. It not only rocked my marriage, but my self-worth, identity, even my ability to parent. I felt like I had failed and that caused him to stray. The difficulty was compounded by the fact that he had to return to his ship and deploy again, fortunately not with the same girl, but away and exposed to temptation none-the-less....more

Two sides of a coin

There are two sides to every coin and there are two sides to every marriage. I have a blog under another name for a different side of my marriage; the happier side. This blog is dedicated to the other side. It’s the darker, uglier side of my marriage. It’s the complicated side. This is my side....more

The Seven Year Itch...In Reverse?

April 1st isn't just a day for great practical jokes, it's a perfect day for... A fifth wedding anniversary! Namely, mine and my husband's. We were committed to each other (sounds kind of like a jail sentence when I put it that way, but pun NOT intended) in Las Vegas five years, two kids and fifty pounds (on me) earlier....more

The Married Man Chronicles: RedDelish

  If someone were to ask me would I date a married man, I’d have to say “Absolutely not!!”  However I have dated one in the past and while a married man is a married man, I felt there was justification to my situation. ...more

Why do women that date married men seem to need to feel "right" all the time?


The Married Man Chronicles-Wanna be a guest blogger?

Hey Blushing Ladies Over the Christmas holiday, we were talking about the craziness of the ...more

Update on the whorin married man

  Hey ladies I'm sooo ready for this to go away, but thought that i'd update you on the goings on.   So after all the drama went down Saturday before last wi...more