Fireside Chat with The Autism Mom

I had a child in 1993.  He was little and had blond hair that was curly and I loved him fiercely.  Suddenly he is 21 years old.  He seems little and still has curly blond hair and I still love him fiercely, if not even more than that.He is a great kid.  Expressive, sensitive, emotional and friendly.  He isn't afraid to speak his mind and he basically is very honest in those opinions and not afraid to call something exactly what it is....more

Why I Didn't Share My Urinary Tract Infection on Social Media

Earlier tonight, I put on my casual-dress-professional-cold-weather attire and went to an exclusive preview tasting at a chocolatier. I sipped great wine, ate fine chocolate, and mingled with friends, old and new. We exchanged lighthearted conversation about our blogs, and weighed in on other recent events many of us have attended. I exchanged hugs, social kisses, and sincere thanks to the people who hosted and invited me. And I did it all with the utmost sincerity. Of that, you can be sure. ...more
"Call me when your pee is prettier than mine."  Brilliant!!!!!  Gave me a good, hearty laugh. ...more

Reuniting With My Big Sister

Ariana is Still GrowingPart 1 - Why I Had To GoOnce in a while a heart warming story about a person who cares for their adult disabled sibling gets printed in a local paper or makes rounds on the internet. These stories tug at heart strings, make you misty, and proud to call yourself part of the human race.  But when I read these stories, instead of feeling inspired I feel guilt, because I'm not one of them. My older sister is mentally retarded, and I haven't been there for her....more

"N" is for News. And Nausea.

Sorry, don't mean this to be a downer post. I meant this to be a very intelligent post about the number of Pulitzer Prizes won by The New York Times (106). They've been really busy because when I worked in their New York Marketing Department back in the '80's......more

Survivor Albertville: The Coach Sale

Mommy, Why Does Daddy Forget Me? Parenting with a Traumatic Brain Injury

"Mommy why does daddy forget things?" It's a question I'm not alarmed by, especially from my five-year old. Answering, however, is a whole lot more difficult. Daddy has a brain injury isn't exactly the perfect answer for an inquisitive child looking for in-depth answers as to why daddy sleeps longer than most daddies or cannot play with him like he wants him too because he can't focus long enough, or that he picks fights even at times, dropping himself to the same level as our kids because relating to children isn't always an easy scenario for FD. ...more
I have two kids, 6 & 9, and I had a stroke two years ago. I'm frustrated that there is so little ...more

It's well past time to know better.

You would have to either be exceptionally fortunate or this is your first day using any sort of media to have failed to hear the R word.I only really began hearing/reading this word a few years ago, it wasn't used that much when I was younger. That could well be because we used different words in the UK, for instance you wouldn't get far using the H word either unless you were discussing golf or polo. That just isn't a word we use to describe people with any sort of disability, not unless we want to show our own ignorance....more

The Perspectives of Luck and Autism

In 2005, during the opening show of an art gallery for autistic artists that I coordinated, a reporter and photographer for the local newspaper interviewed me as one of the artists.  He asked me "Do you consider yourself lucky?"   At the time, I stumbled a bit to answer his question.  My answer then really did not encompass my entire thoughts about his question. The answer to that question really depends on what does one mean by "lucky" and from which perspective? ...more

To Be, or Not, Normal

The following personal essay was written August 21, 2002 as part of a series called "From the Kore" that was published in my church's bulletin/newsletter-thing. I was 17, and not yet diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, so I attributed a lot to my diagnosis of ADD and to personal preference.At this time, I speak of peer pressure in context of doing drugs, smoking, and other public-service-announcement type of illegal activities that I considered Very Bad Things....more

Perspectives Anthology

If you haven't heard, there is an anthology by the Long Island Examiner that is currently taking submissions. Their mission statement is...more