Thankfulness Tuesday: Christmas Tradition

I love tradition. I love having something that I know that we are going to do...something to look forward to. Part of becoming a family is creating your own traditions...taking some from his family and taking some from your family. It's fun to come up with new ideas too. A few of my favorite Christmas traditions are advent season, cutting down a tree and Christmas Eve service. I also love Christmas parties and dressing up in fancy clothes.To read more about my family tradition, visit: ...more

Allow and accept...

"C-C-C-Cottey, beautiful Cottey, it's a school of which I'm sure you've heard before,If you get good grades, they send you to Paris!Oh, it's got everything, oh, everything, but ... men."...more

Are You Secretly Cynical?

Advent is a time of waiting, waiting in silence, in the dark.  But how do we wait? Do we wait stoically or with joy? Do we wait like a child, a child who trusts that his daddy will keep His promises or have life’s disappointments left us jaded and closed off to any spiritual surprises? Come to think of it, how many of us actually expect anything to happen to us on Christmas morning? When we are secretly cynical, we will not receive a thing, not a pinpoint of Light and we will cement our cynicism in place for another year....more

Waiting With a Pregnant Mary

In Greenbush, the snow is falling straight down in huge flakes, coating each branch and twig with a thick coating of snow. The snow literally absorbs sound waves and the effect is a quiet, peaceful, pure white oasis. In the middle of this deep silence, the thought popped into my mind that it is also the first week of Advent,  a time of silent waiting when we light the first candle, the candle of hope. Let these paintings and icons of a pregnant Mary inspire you as you wait with her for the birth of Jesus....more
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O Come O Come Emmanuel

I made my first Holy Communion during Advent 1974, and that was the processional song.  It's the first time I remember hearing it--at any rate it's when I learned the words--and so hearing it this time of year has a little bit of extra significance for me!...more

Rainy day Sunday

Today found our pesky little friend hanging off our chandelier. He made me a nervous wreak up there. I just had visions of someone turning on the fan and either taking his little head off or just sending him airborne. I'm already on Santa's naughty list. The little dude over heard me say if JingleBells didn't stop his little antics I was going to kick his magical little butt back to the North Pole. Bubby got a call from Santa yesterday and ratted me out!...more

As the year evaporates into the advent of Christmas

As Ma Puce opened the first door on her Advent Calendar, I felt the rush of a whole year tumble out alongside the chocolate treat inside. Two seconds later, the chocolate was gone. A delicious moment lost in time. Much like this last year.Read full post here: advent of Christmas By


It's here, it's here, Advent is here! ...more

In Which I Wrote an Advent Devotional

This month, I gave up sleep. I sort of gave up showering. I kind of gave up being a nice person. But I finished an ebook! (Actually 1.5, but we'll talk about the other one when it's finished.) I have been wanting to write an advent devotional for years, and this year the fire got lit and I went bananas diving into this project. The result is a devotional that runs December 1-25 and pairs Old and New Testament readings along with a bite-sized reflection and a few questions for discussion. ...more

Another Family Advent Activity: Advent Stockings

A number of years ago I came across an idea somewhere of a fun way to count down the days till Christmas. We had done the advent chains, where you start with 24 paper chains and you rip one off each day so the kids (the little ones, especially) can see how many days are left until the big day. We also do advent calendars, as this is something I remember from my childhood. But my favorite Christmas countdown, and it seems to be my kids' favorite as well, is our advent stockings....more
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