An Unorthodox Advent Wreath

My Advent wreath is  unusual this year because it is a not actually a wreath at all but simply a pile of  cedar branches, encircling  four Advent candles with a simple carving of Mary praying, carved by a dear friend. A bit unusual but fitting because Advent is a time of waiting in the dark, in silence,  in simplicity for the coming of Christ, the Light of the World....more

Advent for the Family -- Involving Children in the Christmas Story

The church season of Advent begins this Sunday. "Advent" -- the time of coming -- the season where the Christian community looks in happy expectation to the arrival of the Christ Child. There are many ways that families can incorporate elements of Advent as ways to help teach children the story of Christmas that is not told in the holiday TV ads and department stores. Advent is a lovely and meaning-filled way to balance the family of faith during a season often colored by excess. ...more

You could be in luck if any of the following are in your area

1. a religious supply or ...more