Ecuador and Volunteer Tourism

Leaving Ecuador on the red-eye through Miami last Thursday to my home in Dallas, I have to admit I was quite tired.  My trip to Puerto Lopez, Ecuador in order to dive Isla de la Plata (the Poor Man's Galapagos) for the Marine Megafauna Foundation, to photograph Giant Manta Rays, was both challenging and inspiring at the same time.  There were inevitable low points...after all, we were in the developing world, and one always has to brace to see harsh reality....more

Dreams are meant to be lived

Sunset. Everybody crowds along the wall of the Trocadero, waiting, waiting. Joining the crowds, we are impressed by the sheer magnitude of the steel beams as if like an erector set, the light changes and so does the view.  We start chatting with your fellow travelers and share your lives like you're best friends. We have a common goal as the light changes again, and so does the view. Then it happens, the light is perfect, and the madness of flashing cameras start. I am no longer in my dream....more

Continent Hopping : A Day in Africa {Morocco} Part 1

It’s hard to believe that less than 24 hours after arriving in Europe (Spain), we hopped on a ferry and spent the day on another continent, Africa (Morocco). It was an experience that neither of us wanted to pass up and looking back, we’re are certainly glad we didn’t....more

Cinque Terre

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ A First Step

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ A First Step.......more