5 Best Places To Travel In Your 30s

They say that life begins in your 30s. Gone is the awkward uncertainty of your 20s. Your 30s are a time for you to revel in confidence and embrace adventure – grown-up-style.In honor of what will hopefully be one of the best decades of your life (and a million times better than your 20’s), here are five places you should absolutely visit in your flirty thirties....more

Not Letting Fear Have the Final Say

by Mandi SchmittFear is a sensation I am most unaccustomed with. I sometimes joke that my fear threshold is broken or turned off, and that this could potentially get me into trouble, much like people whose pain indicators are faulty can hurt themselves without knowing it. Jetting off to a foreign land without a plan, jumping off a bridge with only a thin bungee separating me from death–these are things that most people find terrifying, mainly because they are so outside the norms of a typical lifestyle. But for me, well, these things are what make me feel alive....more

Because I find weird EVERYWHERE, that's why.

cross posted from http://nopithyphrase.blogspot.com I spent a whirlwind weekend in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington....more

Alaskan Cruise: A Caregiver Takes a Break

Halfway into planning a vacation with my husband that doubled as my 50th birthday present, the stress of work and caring for an elderly parent left me with zero energy to map out a road trip up the California coastline. A friend’s offhanded suggestion about a cruise to Alaska intrigued me under the circumstances, even though I was the last person who envisioned packing winter woolies and a hat to freeze on a ship....more
isthisthe middle -- love your handle!  That vacation really was an other worldly experience.  ...more

Sothnhospitalitynall, a life well lived, designed, traveled and crafted amid the hot flashes and the humor.

Around the world in 55 years...add to that 4 kids, 5 grandkids and a husband to beat the band that can ski the mountain backwards, sail the boat, and drive the car, swing the golf club and smoke that darn cigar! Life has been an adventure of hotflashes, baby spitup, walk the floor worry about kids that come in late, husbands that irritate and amaze, weddings, funerals, mood swings that qualify me for Cirque du Soleil, surgeries, some that bring home this thing that poops,spits, cries and steals my heart.., some that just give me another scar.  I''m a twisted sister!  ...more

First Impressions

First Impressions One week into my new adventure as a high school English teacher in China has opened my eyes to some amazing discoveries.  I had some pre-conceived notions about what to expect that have been annihilated by reality. ...more

The Best First Birthday Ever!

For my Birthday, Mama takes me to the Hawks Prairie Dog Park. We met lots of nice people and four legged friends, including Wilson, the healing Cha-Weenie, and his Mama, Dee Brouse....more