ATVs, Yak Burgers & Sketchy Bars

This past weekend we decided to go rafting. So we called up a tour service and were told the rivers are still frozen due to this epic winter. So we decided to go four-wheeling instead. We drove down to Healy, right outside Denali park. Healy is a tiny little town (it really consists of a coal mine, a gas station, and a campground) but it has a great brewery, 49th State, that happens to serve my favorite beer ever. We had dinner there, I had a yak burger (really, yak!) and their wee-heavy scottish ale (that’s my favorite ever). Then we picked up serious amounts of 49th state gear....more

The Swamp Renegade Strikes Again

I let Ruby outside a few minutes ago because she was exhibiting all the signs of having to take care of business:following me aroundwhiningbeing generally obnoxious...more

Without Me

I am the mother of two growing children, a fourteen-year-old and an eleven-year-old.  Up until this summer, any time that we've been separated, I have been the one to leave them.  Usually for short weekend jaunts, they've gone to grandparents' houses or friends for sleepovers, while my husband and I sneak out for some "together time."  I've left them for work, too....more

Eco-Travel Tales From Central America

If you’ve been shopping for a vacation destination lately, you have probably come across the term "eco-tourism". Brochures – made from recycled paper of course -  entice guests with panoramic views from private lounge chairs on teak-decked terraces. Zip lines traverse deep gorges over the rainforest canopy while Howler monkeys frolick in their natural habitat. These venues boast of private reserves, diverse ecosystems and an opportunity to experience nature in unprecedented fashion....more

Galapagos Expedition | Day 6

Genovesa Island: El Barranco – Darwin Bay Welcome to bird island. Genovesa, also known as Tower Island (though I’ll always remember it as Bird Island), is quite small but geologically and biologically very interesting. The chemistry of its lavas is identical to lavas that erupt at mid-ocean ridges (a magma type called MORB, or mid-ocean-ridge-basalt) and quite different from most oceanic island lavas. ...more

Bitten By a Rattlesnake, Part 1: He Bit Me Before He Rattled

How far does a girl have to go to get face time with her friends? Dinner parties are great, but you are always busy feeding everyone. Coffee is great, but everyone comes and goes and it’s loud. Bars are crazy; you can’t really have a conversation when you’re surfing. So, I decided to try something new last Wednesday. I stepped on a snake, a rattlesnake -— a four-foot long rattlesnake with a big mouth. I have spent more quality face-to-face time with my friends in the past three days than I have all year. ...more

Holy Crap!

I have a kind of boring life, but you can find out more about it at more

Where it (the craziness!) all began...

We just had try-outs. Baseball try-outs, that is. And when I say ‘we’, I actually mean my son, Devan. He is 15-years old and has been playing since he was 7. That is more than half his life! I used to think baseball was a boring sport. I hated baseball season when I was a kid because that meant nightly picnics of hot dogs, macaroni salad, and chips on the living room floor while the SF Giants played in the background....more


the journey began on march 14th 1962 but my record of it began in 2004. Bridget Jones has nothing on me….. . ...more

Please, Continue

My dear sweet sister Mary died on December 10th. After our mother died in 2001, Mary was the closest thing I had to a mother. I am the youngest of nine children, and, although I still have several living siblings, this loss - especially so close to the holidays - has been very hard to bear. I remember Mary as a fiercely independent woman who loved to truly experience life, travel, have adventures, and had a marvelously demented sense of humor. Her decline and death has left a hole in my heart, and it will take a long time for that to heal. ...more

Adventures on the Bus

I've rarely been drawn to take the bus as an option - as much as I like road trips, I prefer to be on my own schedule, especially - let's face it - for those bathroom breaks. There's something film noir about Grayhound in the US - though I understand that in some places on the planet, the bus can be the deluxe option for getting from point A to point B. In other places, it's how chickens, their owners, big bags of rice, the belongings of a family of eight, and that family get from point A to point B. ...more

Just caught an unauthorized reprint of one of my posts on a blog
called "A Pretty ...more