5 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Blog

An important part of writing a blog is advertising yourself. There are so many blogs being written now that it is no longer enough to simply send your posts out into the blogosphere. A good blogger must also get those posts in front of his or her audience. Here are 5 creative ways to advertise your blog and find your audience.Advertise Your Blog with Branded Apparel...more

It's time for a jingle about vegetables

I have a knack for remembering the theme songs to 80s television shows and commercials. (My husband is both in awe and disturbed by this "talent.") I would like to think that this is some sort of mental agility on behalf of my amazing memory, but the reality is that I watched too much TV and those jingles were meant to be catchy. So, they stuck in my brain, much like how I was stuck on Band-Aids brand ('cause Band-Aids stuck on me.)...more

3 Easy To Implement & Effective Referral Generating Systems

You've got everything else in place; your physical or digital storefront, your website and social media channels, your equipment, your product, a loyal customer base. What could possibly be missing?...more

TV Would Be Great, Except for the Ads

Have you noticed that no one has teeth anymore? Or money, for that matter.No, in ads for toothpastes, dentistry, and even breath-fresheners, teeth are seldom mentioned. Only "smiles." Maybe I'm nit-picking, but those of us who are gloomy, depressed, or upset want nice teeth too....more

Bring Back Customer Service

I learned customer service when I was 13 years old, working at our family’s donut shop. Marlene from the morning shift was a trustable source; a version of her existed in New York City coffee shops in the 1980s. She taught me these important rules: ...more

Review: Primer by Google (Free Marketing App)

 Primer ScreenshotImage Credit: Myra Faye Turner/Flickr ...more

Memories for Sale

What cretin thought "Try a Little Tenderness" would be a good theme song for toilet paper?What ad agency madman imagined that "Human" – a song about infidelity and confession and forgiveness – would be just peachy for an insurance company commercial featuring an air conditioner dropped on a car?There are too many examples to list here: Quaker Oats "Put a Little Love in Your Heart"; Fiber One "Total Eclipse of the Heart"; Yoplait "All Day and All of the Night."I'll tell you who thinks these up. Young people....more
The song that I walked down the aisle to my husband was Chrisette Michelle's "Love Is You" and ...more

The Food Industry is Fucking with You

I ate the reheated boxed Mac and Cheese. If we were talking about first-time-around boxed mac and cheese, this might be a different story. But I ate the microwave reheated kind—you know, without any flavor, the cheese just a whisper of it’s former self.But I don’t take full blame. Sure, I got myself to the grocery store and ultimately purchased the damn stuff, but let’s look at what we are up against all day, every day....more