What Boomers Want

 Laxatives. Depends. Lubricants. Viagra. Osteoporosis medicines. Walk-in bathtubs....more
There are many things Boomers want and want to do. I just read several good guest posts from ...more

Cheerleader Envy part 2...and other observations from the couch

Thank goodness my “honey do” list is short these days with all of the football on television. If you throw college into the mix, there are pretty much nonstop games from Thursday night until Sunday evening. Then there is only a short breather until Monday night.  As I have written about before, the cheerleaders are gorgeous beyond my comprehension. Midway into the season no one has slacked off since making the squad and put on a few pounds or skipped an appointment at the tanning salon....more

Teenage Girls Exposed To Scammers & Outrageous Lies From Advertisers Facebook Won't Block

I’m fed up of seeing endless adverts in my Facebook feed telling me I can ‘melt away belly fat’ or ‘learn the secret to losing 2 stone in 4 weeks’ and so on.  These are claims that I feel are damaging to impressionable teenage girls, yet even when blatant scams and indetity theft is reported to Facebook, they do nothing.  Be aware of the dangers and make sure your teenage daugthers are aware too....more

Scent Marketing: The Smell That Sells


Camp Gyno: Periods, Knowledge, and Power

If you haven't heard of it by now, you've clearly been without internet access for a few days. A tampon commercial is going viral on social media. I'm happy to present this piece by my friend C.S. Jack who gives a thoughtful analysis of why so many people (especially adult women) are impressed with it....more
Also, it would be better if the ad promoted reusable pads and menstrual cups, but I know that's ...more

America Has Spoken: These Are Our Most Patriotic Foods

image via SaysIt.com/The Uncle Sam Poster Generator ...more

Fill in the Blanks: Advertising & PR today – What would you do if____?

Corporations today are faced with many decisions in this changing world of advertising and public relations. They have to make daily choices between traveling unchartered land and keeping to the traditional comfort zone. Everything seemed so much simpler in the 80s. Marketers did not rely on the Internet to deliver thousands of messages. Advertisements and communiqués were controlled and protected....more

We Are Beautiful

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want. — Anna Lappe...more