Stop freaking vexing me already, Cancer

I hate cancer. From some of my past entries it's probably pretty obvious and if you've been reading me at all you know why I'm motivated to particularly like the jerk that is cancer. Jerk, actually, is a mild word for how I feel about cancer in general, but I'm trying to be nice because that's how I roll. ...more

Trends In Ambient Advertising--Otherwise Known As Ad Creep

The next report card at the Red Bug Elementary School,and for that matter all the other elementary schools in Seminole County,Florida will not double as a free coupon for a Happy Meal. The fact that The Red Bug Elementary School had a McDonald's report card is all part of a trend that is putting advertising everywhere including: School buses, police cars, the stripes in parking lots, and PDF files. ...more

Did the card give all the students an opportunity to get a free Happy Meal or only the ones with ...more

Moms: Suave Thinks You Have Let Yourself Go

I was clipping coupons the other day and found an ad for Suave beauty products. It read "89% of moms admit to having let themselves go. 100% can get it back. Suave." My first thought was, "Well. That's obnoxious." My second was "89%? Really? That sounds made up." Off the top of my head, I can't say I know any mom who has really "let herself go." I know I haven't. ...more

Ad Campaign Against Statutory Rape Works Against Itself

I was appalled by this nonprofit campaign against statutory rape. Laurie and Debbie at Body Impolitic say: ...more

The Super Bowl Brand Now Imbued With a Lord Voldemort Quality: "The Game Which Must Not Be Named"

Once upon a time the Super Bowl was known as the well, The Super Bowl. Churches had Super Bowl Parties. Local advertisers had Super Bowl promotions. I had a Super Bowl baby. Well sort of. ...more

What do you want to tell advertising companies?

I've been asked to speak at the Hawaii Advertising Federation annual "university" ( this coming January, 24, 2008. Since I want to evangelize about new and social media, I'll be using our blog to start connecting with the members as well as asking for input from others of you who have opinions and recommendations. Comment where you like though I would love to demonstrate to my upcoming audience the value of blog comments over at my original post: ...more

Advertising Slogans Gone Wild: Scotland,Virginia and DHL

Advertising slogans are supposed to state the main benefits of the brand. Good slogans, make that great slogans, have a distinct personality of their own and are  hard to forget. Scotland used to have such a slogan. It was,"Scotland, the Best Small Country in the World." ...more

Just proves that advertisers can make anything sound like sex.
I entered "Web Teacher" and the ...more

Blog For Sale?

I walked into the dimly-lit hotel meeting room, unsure of what to expect. A bartender poured me a glass of Pinot Noir, and a server would appear shortly with a revolving selection of hors d'oeuvres. Staff people did their best to make small talk with me, struggling to maintain expressions of interest on their faces, and tables with products pimped for holiday gift-giving lined one end of the room. Participant gift bags decorated the other. ...more

When Marketing Goes Bad

“Until the rise of American advertising, it never occurred to anyone anywhere in the world that the teenager was a captive in a hostile world of adults.” --Gore Vidal ...more

The Oyako photographs are inspiring, thanks for linking to them.


Why 44 Companies Are Saying '"HELL YES!" To Facebook's Controversial (And Some Say Creepy) Advertising Platform

When Facebook unveiled "Beacon", its new advertising platform earlier this month, it unleashed a simultaneous bi-polar reaction. From privacy advocates, there was outrage and concern. From advertisers, on the other hand,  the introduction of Beacon was as if Facebook had just handed them the keys to El Dorado. Laura Scott wrote a comprehensive post called Facebook's New Ads: If You're a Good Person, Why Should You Want Privacy? that delves into the privacy concerns. ...more

Will Facebook be the next MySpace? (Does anybody use MySpace anymore?)