Coming Around Again ~ Rediscovering My Baby Boomer Strengths

Many years ago, DH and I had the opportunity to see Carly Simon sing at ‘The Roof’ on Martha’s Vineyard. At the time, she owned the place out by the airport, and had her 2 young children there that night. I still get goose bumps remembering it, and have always been a fan of hers. ...more

A Degree in Fashion Merchandising...What are your Career Choices?

You have finally decided to get a degree in Fashion Merchandising ...more

Promises, Promises: Predatory Advertising

As I checked my email yesterday, an ad promising "massive! rock! hard! erections! and killer! sex! ...more

AP Brings Local News to Your Smart Phone; Other News from the ASNE/NAA Convention

The appearances by the three leading US presidential candidates grabbed the banner headlines at this year's meeting of the leaders of the newspaper industry, but that wasn't the only big news. A new advertiser-supported news service for iPhones was unveiled Monday that offers new hope for cash-strapped newspapers. ...more

Which Paper Towel Would You Buy, or Why are Household Products Commercials Stuck in 1961?

Three days a week, I attempt to do my part in "saving the world," and I work at a community health organization in the Bronx. On Mondays and Fridays, however, I focus on my writing "career." During breaks from staring at the computer screen, I stare at the TV screen, viewing marathons of America's Next Top Model, Top Chef, and/or Project Runway. My new daytime TV habits may not help my writing much, but I feel as though I've been introduced to a whole new world of advertising. For instance, last week I (repeatedly) saw a Bounty paper towel commercial that left me slack jawed. Here's the paraphrased scene: ...more

It will effect a  company to hear that consumers dislike their ads. That kind of contact is ...more

Taco Bell Promo: Problematic? Yes. Misogynistic. Not Really.

Feministing recently posted about a new Taco Bell Promo,calling it "misogynistic." Since then I've seen a bit in the anti-feminism segment of the blogosphere, up in arms because "the feminists are at it again!" bitching over nothing because our abundant gender equality makes it so we have nothing else to complain about. ...more

Why doesn't the news media cover the issues news consumers care about?

The Project for Excellence in Journalism has released this year's annual State of the News Media report. While much of the blog talk has been about the report's conclusion that user-generated content now drives news consumption (Duh! ...more

Earworms. Are they really a powerful advertising tool?

The Germans call it ohrwurm. Here,it's known as the earworm -- the situation when a jingle or song gets stuck in a continuous mental loop and refuses to exit your head. You hear the song over and over and over again. So it is with me and Yael Naim's "New Soul" -- the very addictive sound track to the Macbook Air Commercial. For the past six weeks I have been dealing with this earworm. ...more

here's the original videoclip for the song and some info about the singer, yael naim: ...more

Stop freaking vexing me already, Cancer

I hate cancer. From some of my past entries it's probably pretty obvious and if you've been reading me at all you know why I'm motivated to particularly like the jerk that is cancer. Jerk, actually, is a mild word for how I feel about cancer in general, but I'm trying to be nice because that's how I roll. ...more

Trends In Ambient Advertising--Otherwise Known As Ad Creep

The next report card at the Red Bug Elementary School,and for that matter all the other elementary schools in Seminole County,Florida will not double as a free coupon for a Happy Meal. The fact that The Red Bug Elementary School had a McDonald's report card is all part of a trend that is putting advertising everywhere including: School buses, police cars, the stripes in parking lots, and PDF files. ...more

Did the card give all the students an opportunity to get a free Happy Meal or only the ones with ...more