Filling In The Holes In Dunkin Donuts Decision To Pull The Rachel Ray Ad

Dunkin Donuts owes us an explanation. Why in the world did you succumb to the threats of conservative blogger Michelle Malkin and Fox News and pull this ad? Just because they say the scarf is a Keffiyeh doesn't make it so. It's a fashion accessory. If the whole incident wasn't so frightening, it would be funny. This is not about being a fashionista.This is about fascism. ...more

I can't shake the feeling that Michelle and other's "problem" with this is less ...more

Tooting My Own Horn ~ Tuesday Meme

I just joined this wonderful community, and was invited to "Toot My Own Horn." This is an ongoing Tuesday Meme that I'll be doing. However, as usual, I'm a day late and dollar short, as today is Wednesday. But I'll play catch-up next week. Mommy Brain. What this means is... ...more

Measuring the Effectiveness of Rich Media Ads

Once you understand the different types of online ads and the advantages and disadvantages of rich media ads, it is important to know how to measure the effectiveness of these ads (especially since you’re probably paying a premium for their creation). ...more

Business And The Chicken Little Effect

It's not as if people haven't been warning us for years that if we didn't curb our addiction to oil we were headed toward an economic tsunami.It's just that we've been treating them as if they were Chicken Little. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. ...more

C'est Bon? No, Your Gender Marketing and rBGH Yogurts Suck

I admit it: I am a yogurt freak. My mother developed osteoporosis at a relatively young age, so I am vigilant about meeting my Recommended Daily Allowance for calcium. At my age, my friends at the National Institute for Health tell me I should be sucking in 1,000 mg per day. Fortunately, I love diary products, and although I could definitely up my intake of the leafy greens, I do OK. ...more If you have seen the site of FAGE USA you ...more

Rich Media Ads - Advantages & Disadvantages

As discussed in Types of Online Advertising, rich media ads with which viewers can interact and may contain animation, audio and video. Rich media ads can be powerful way to convey your message, but these types of ads have some advantages and disadvantages. (Read More at ...more

Types of Online Advertising

Advertising online can increase your brand awareness and promote a product/service. Online advertising has a major advantage over other types of advertising (tv, radio, print) because it is very easy to measure the effectiveness of online campaigns. In a series of posts, I’ll discuss the different types of advertising, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to measure their effectiveness. In this post, let's review the types of online advertising.... ...more

Site Review - Grand Opening of EH Virtual Assistant Services

A new highlight of my Blog will be featuring and offering site reviews of WAHM (Work-At-Home Mom) eBiz ventures. I would like to try to offer a “Best Of WAHM Site Award” Banner to a WAHM who’s site has been featured. It’s great to see so many young women taking the plunge and becoming business owners and self-employed. This was essentially not an option when I was younger! I’d like to start out by letting you know about a young, WAHM who is venturing into the Virtual Assistant services field. ...more

Um, what?

Heather Parfitt, Managing Editor of New Moon magazine forwarded me a story today about the U.K. marketing of bras to girls as young as 7. The bras in this article are padded bras with plunging decolletage, not soft "starter bras" ...more

Hi Trisha,

Thanks for your comment!  I checked out your blog and it looks ...more

Coming Around Again ~ Rediscovering My Baby Boomer Strengths

Many years ago, DH and I had the opportunity to see Carly Simon sing at ‘The Roof’ on Martha’s Vineyard. At the time, she owned the place out by the airport, and had her 2 young children there that night. I still get goose bumps remembering it, and have always been a fan of hers. ...more