Women Owned Business Club

Glad to be part of Blogher. We will bring you daily updates on our members and show you what we do for them every day for a one time fee that is good for the life time of their website.Come and see what we do for them at www.womenownedbusinessclub.com. We are dedicated to our members and getting their word out. It's time to pay it forward. LM...more

Facebook Promotional Posts: A Case Study

Facebook recently introduced the option to “promote” certain posts on Facebook pages to ensure that more people see your update over the course of several days. To qualify, your page must have at least 400 likes and you can choose to promote your post to either just the people who like your page, or the people who like your page plus their friends. There is a fee involved — $5 to $75 depending on the amount of people you want it to reach. Last week, the Web Success Team decided to trial the promotional option to see how effective it was in fostering engagement — below is what we found....more

The Community Manager of an Ad Agency

Upon getting hired for an industry that never before crossed my mind, neither during my school years nor after, I immediately started thinking how would I apply my background in political science and social studies....more

Fish Wives

Neglected Wives Sell Fishing RodsAt the dentist's office yesterday, I flipped open a magazine to read about the "Girl Hunter."I was immediately mystified by an ad inside the front cover.It showed a well-dressed, angry woman trying to bend some curving thing.I read the words tracing the curve, and finally clued in....more

Shameless Act of Product Placement: James Bond Will Drink Heineken

Everyone's got their price. Apparently James Bond's is $45 million. That's the rumored value of the marketing deal with Heineken that turns Daniel Craig's James Bond into a beer guy....more

The Bay - Mother's Day Discrimination?

The Bay has launched its Mothers Day promotional guide full of “Every Thing She Loves”but noticeably absent from the pages was any mother over the age of 40. It was my own mother who brought this to my attention after she had thumbed through the pages, called me and said “Have you seen the latest Bay flyer for Mother’s Day?” I replied, “No.” She then began to explain to me that (with the exception of Jeanne Beker) there isn’t one picture of a woman her age or even a grandmother....more
 @victorias_view  Yes, the target market has changed but despite the change I'm not seeing a lot ...more

What Am I Writing For?

I've been turning this question over in my head all morning.  Generally speaking, I write because I have to.  It's just what I do.  I've been writing for longer than I can remember.  It's just what I do....more
 @victorias_view I would love to get paid to write, Belle.  I'd just prefer to retain ownership ...more

Confidence is Sexy

 I live in Northern California. So it’s inevitable that I know someone who trims pot for a living. It’s how she pays her rent. Trimmers are exactly what the name implies. With a small pair of scissors they trim the buds to make them look pretty. Trimmers make decent money, $30 an hour or more depending on their speed. Please don’t quit your job and relocate with that figure beckoning. Like everywhere else there are no jobs. The market is saturated. And growers don’t offer a benefits package, unless you consider the medicinal qualities of weed advantageous. ...more

Teaching Children to Be Savvy Consumers

origamidon via Flikr ...more

Do You Really Need an Ad Down There?