What Am I Writing For?

I've been turning this question over in my head all morning.  Generally speaking, I write because I have to.  It's just what I do.  I've been writing for longer than I can remember.  It's just what I do....more
 @victorias_view I would love to get paid to write, Belle.  I'd just prefer to retain ownership ...more

Confidence is Sexy

 I live in Northern California. So it’s inevitable that I know someone who trims pot for a living. It’s how she pays her rent. Trimmers are exactly what the name implies. With a small pair of scissors they trim the buds to make them look pretty. Trimmers make decent money, $30 an hour or more depending on their speed. Please don’t quit your job and relocate with that figure beckoning. Like everywhere else there are no jobs. The market is saturated. And growers don’t offer a benefits package, unless you consider the medicinal qualities of weed advantageous. ...more

Teaching Children to Be Savvy Consumers

origamidon via Flikr ...more

Super "Social Media" Bowl

I once had a friend tell me that he only recently started to follow football so that he would have more interests in common with his customers. People choose to follow or not follow football for various personal reasons, however the Super Bowl is a whole different story. It is the most watched sporting event in America and a prolific gold mine for the advertising world....more

Girly Beer

image via Philly.TheDrinkNationPink is for girls, y'know....more

Why are classic boring advertisements always aimed at women?

Have you ever noticed how these days the quality of advertising has improved? The commercial break often is more entertaining than the TV-shows that are interrupted by them. It’s because marketers feel like people have become so overexposed to advertising that people have become extremely hard to influence. To respond to this marketers have adopted a new vision on their customers. They no longer see their customers as people that need to buy their products....more

I Am Not Excited That the Sexism Is a Little Bit Better

Derek, you want me to get excited about the victory of a post-sexist age of advertising being elusive? I shouldn't worry because at least it's not okay to blatantly portray women as second-class citizens who should feel bad if they can't make good coffee? ...more
@Keira I still get cracked up by the Dr. Feminism moniker. :)more

Today's history class is brought to you by Doritos

"The best-selling packaged cookie in the world is the Oreo cookie. The diameter of an Oreo cookie is 1.75 inches. Express the diameter of an Oreo cookie as a fraction in the simplest form."...more

UPDATE: Milk Board Takes Down Sexist Milk Campaign Site

The sexist milk campaign from the California Milk Processors Board on which we reported last week has taken down its microsite Everything I Do Is Wrong.org following the firestorm online. In its stead, they offer a mixture of praise and anger from commenters and publications. This is why BlogHer is not among them. ...more

When do feminists consier it funny when commercials make fun of men, but sexism when they make ...more