On Shaving: It's MY Body

I hate shaving. But society tells me that I am repulsive to the visual senses of humanity if my female body is strewn with naturally grown hair. I was treated with repulsion as early as twelve from a group of girls in a New Jersey sleep over camp run by strict Catholic nuns. Diving into the pool in my modest and second-hand one-piece suit, a bunch of girls started laughing at me. They came up to me, jeering, and pointing to the hair that had just begun to grow under my arms. I felt ashamed, and I blamed (yes, you guessed it) my mother for refusing to teach me how to shave my arm pits and legs. ...more
You being young as you were it's extremely distasteful to be laughed at something you did not ...more

Branding and Marketing Yourself with a Simple Burger?

Have you ever thought of using a burger to brand your company? In the article below Web Success Team contributor, Bob Speyer explains just how you can do this.You’ve heard the stories about “man bites dog.” Well how about the latest headline grabber: “Social Media bites back!” Here is the story of one company that brands and markets itself with a simple burger....more

GoGranny vs. GoDaddy’s Double D Bimbos: A Couple of Flops!

Cheap sex sells *sigh* What do you think about this ad? No! I mean the video at the bottom......more

Just because the ad says “Declutter”...

I find it very frustrating when companies try to jump on board with New Year's Resolutions people make to “get organized” or “declutter”. Granted, there are very handy tools that can help get organized, namely file folders, shelving, etc but at the end of the day, you cannot organize clutter...you can only get rid of it. Getting rid of it could include either giving it to other family members (it becomes their storage “problem” then, right?), to charity, recycle it, or throw it away....more

Some great ideas Bev! Thanks for sharing!


Facebook Sponsored Stories: A Brilliant Idea or Consumer Abuse?

Anyone working in marketing and advertising today knows how powerful recommendations from people we know can be, and it was only a matter of time before a social network began to seriously capitalize on that. And why not? For most of us, this kind of content is already on our social media profiles. That's the logic behind Facebook’s new advertising offering "Sponsored Stories," anyway. ...more

Why Facebook is Your New Home Page

Facebook is pretty plain-looking compared to most blogs and other participatory social media sites like Twitter and MySpace.  There aren't many simple ways to customize a page, therefore, everyone's page looks pretty much the same.  But, for some reason, it appears that design doesn't matter much considering recent news and statistics surrounding Facebook.  ...more

James Caan is Stalking Me

James Caan is stalking me.  The former Dragon’s Den millionnaire entrepreneur is following me around on the Internet.  Clearly he doesn’t have time to be on Dragon’s Den anymore because he’s too busy following me around, popping up on the web pages I visit....more

Why Blogging turned me off....

I blogged for years...started in 2001 I think...  I guess Dooce was the first blog I ever read....then I started reading our on line newspaper where Dana Loesch wrote a column.. then I found Danny Evans.. and I was hooked. I could go on and on I knew some of the now uber popular bloggers when they first started out. I was one of those people that commented early on. I would post daily on my own blog and was so incredibly faithful about commenting on my friends blogs.. both people who would read my blog and comment back.....more

I know what you mean, but I guess I don't begrudge anyone for taking advantage of the ...more

How to Sell Ice to Virtual Eskimos

Attached is an article by our CEO Bob Speyer discussing the benefits of selling in the digital space.The art of selling in today’s digital workplace has never been easier and never been harder at the same time. That’s definitely a contradiction, but so is Selling Ice to Eskimos. On first inspection, they “obviously” don’t need ice. And it’s a hard, if not impossible sell at best!...more

Are You There Google? It’s Me, Karen

I just debuted my new flashy blog site that required over 40 hours of labor with no epidural....more