James Caan is Stalking Me

James Caan is stalking me.  The former Dragon’s Den millionnaire entrepreneur is following me around on the Internet.  Clearly he doesn’t have time to be on Dragon’s Den anymore because he’s too busy following me around, popping up on the web pages I visit....more

Why Blogging turned me off....

I blogged for years...started in 2001 I think...  I guess Dooce was the first blog I ever read....then I started reading our on line newspaper where Dana Loesch wrote a column.. then I found Danny Evans.. and I was hooked. I could go on and on I knew some of the now uber popular bloggers when they first started out. I was one of those people that commented early on. I would post daily on my own blog and was so incredibly faithful about commenting on my friends blogs.. both people who would read my blog and comment back.....more

I know what you mean, but I guess I don't begrudge anyone for taking advantage of the ...more

How to Sell Ice to Virtual Eskimos

Attached is an article by our CEO Bob Speyer discussing the benefits of selling in the digital space.The art of selling in today’s digital workplace has never been easier and never been harder at the same time. That’s definitely a contradiction, but so is Selling Ice to Eskimos. On first inspection, they “obviously” don’t need ice. And it’s a hard, if not impossible sell at best!...more

Are You There Google? It’s Me, Karen

I just debuted my new flashy blog site that required over 40 hours of labor with no epidural....more

Are You a "Glee" or a "Housewives?" TV Survey Says You Are What You Watch

If you're creative, you like "Mad Men." If you're a rule-breaking rebel, you like "Family Guy." If you're an experimentalist, you like "Glee." If you're an obnoxious, in-your-face type, you like "The Real Housewives of Orange County." And if you're a superior snooty puss, you like "The Office." So says a new survey, anyway. ...more

See, it's just like going to a therapist, you never know what you might ...more

Trust For Sale! Media, Money and the Fragility of Brand

Forbes is about money. Markets, investment, moguls, industries. As a serious publication, it's also about trust. There are publications whose editorial leanings you may agree with or disagree with, but in general you can at least trust that their editorial leanings are their own. At least that's what we're led to believe. ...more

My husband works in TV news, so the blurry lines between editorial and advertising content are ...more

Will Twitter's New Promoted Accounts Make Their Business Model Work?

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo caused a stir this week at the IAB Mixx Ad Industory conference in New York when he described "Promoted Accounts," a sponsored placement in the To Follow list that will put businesses at the top of a user's recommended follows list -- for a price. ...more

Oh boy, I dunno. I doubt it on so many levels, but wouldn't be willing to wager much. The quick ...more

To Advertise or not to Advertise?

Over the past couple of months, I've heard a lot of bloggers make various comments about advertising on their blogs. Some live by it and others...well they despise it. Major corporations advertise all the time. What's the big deal?If you aren't familiar with advertising on your blog, there are many different ways to go about it. There are affiliate programs you can join, you can sell ad space on your blog, brands can sponsor giveaways, or even charge for links in your posts. There are other ways you can advertise, but I'm just going to use these for examples....more

(PICS) Summer's Eve Not the First Company to Get It Wrong With Women-Targeted Ads

You've got to feel bad for Angela Bryant. She's the brand manager for Summer Eve's feminine wash. Not only is she charged with selling a product for douching - an activity the health care profession says is unhealthy and should be avoided, Bryant, by approving an advertorial in Women's Day magazine, is now associated with an ad that is sure to become a classic of how not to market to women. ...more

I've always been interested in commercials throughout television from a pop cultural ...more