Turning Oops into Opportunity

Everyone has sent out an email with either a mistake or omitted important information. We’re only human and that’s part of our nature. So what happens next? A second email is immediately sent out following the first blast that corrects the previous mistakes....more

Stroller derby

I am a clever marketer's dream - have a cute logo or even a smart ad campaign and you've got my attention (actually, save time and just put your product in shiny packaging and you've got me) and brand loyalty. But I am also a poor marketer's nightmare – if I think you're trying to pull the wool over my eyes or being condescending then no matter how fantastic your product is, I won't buy it on principle. ...more

Twitter: From There to Here

New Facebook Feature Increases Interactivity Between Friends

Facebook is constantly adding new features and applications to allow people to be more interactive on the web....more

Twitter Announcement: You Want a Few Ads With Those Tweets?

After years of working to "optimize for value before profit," Twitter has finally announced how it plans to monetize: by using your eyes. ...more

Perhaps that's in the future. Right now, I think they sound a bit like billboards. You're ...more

An Open Letter to Tiger Woods' Mom About the Creepy Nike Ad

Dear Tilda Woods, I've been thinking about you this week, wondering what it feels like to be Tiger Woods' mother as he returns to the Masters and to his role as a product spokesperson. I have two sons of my own -- and my 21-year-old is a jock who soaks up a good amount of my time and resources with his athletic pursuits -- so I can imagine that your feelings are complex. You think it's going to get easier when you get them out of school, but it's only an new beginning, isn't it? ...more

I'm in! Very well written! I'd love to hear an ad with Mrs Woods laying the smacketh down! ...more

Creative Ideas for Advertising During the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and shoppers are hurrying to get what they need for family dinners, office parties, and other holiday events. How can you capture more of their business? Here are a few creative ideas for advertising during the holidays. • Take advantage of community newspapers to advertise special holiday events your store or organization is having. These publications are free to consumers and advertising is low cost....more

Attack of the Infomercial

When I was attempting to get seven-year-old Emma and six-year-old Riley to bed one evening, I realized that I could not find Riley. I had sent her to the bathroom to get her toothbrush, and she never returned. I walked into the bathroom and found her sitting on the closed toilet with tears running down her face. Between sobs, she managed to choke out, "I just want ... to get the thing ... that holds the toothpaste ... and you can get out the last drops!"   ...more

Have You Purchased Ad Space on Social Media??

I am trying out for the first time, purchasing an ad for my website, a humor blog, on Facebook. I thought about purchasing the ad to invite people to become a fan of my fanpage, but am more interested in bringing people to my site. You can link the ad to either. ...more

I certainly will, Denise.

They give me stats that I will be watching like an ebay ...more

"I'm on a Horse." Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

Arguably the hottest viral video these days is the "Manmercial" The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. In just a couple of weeks it has garnered over 2 million views -- far surpassing any of the other spots on the Old Spice YouTube channel. ...more
even if it is awesomemore