Creative Ideas for Advertising During the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and shoppers are hurrying to get what they need for family dinners, office parties, and other holiday events. How can you capture more of their business? Here are a few creative ideas for advertising during the holidays. • Take advantage of community newspapers to advertise special holiday events your store or organization is having. These publications are free to consumers and advertising is low cost....more

Attack of the Infomercial

When I was attempting to get seven-year-old Emma and six-year-old Riley to bed one evening, I realized that I could not find Riley. I had sent her to the bathroom to get her toothbrush, and she never returned. I walked into the bathroom and found her sitting on the closed toilet with tears running down her face. Between sobs, she managed to choke out, "I just want ... to get the thing ... that holds the toothpaste ... and you can get out the last drops!"   ...more

Have You Purchased Ad Space on Social Media??

I am trying out for the first time, purchasing an ad for my website, a humor blog, on Facebook. I thought about purchasing the ad to invite people to become a fan of my fanpage, but am more interested in bringing people to my site. You can link the ad to either. ...more

I certainly will, Denise.

They give me stats that I will be watching like an ebay ...more

"I'm on a Horse." Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

Arguably the hottest viral video these days is the "Manmercial" The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. In just a couple of weeks it has garnered over 2 million views -- far surpassing any of the other spots on the Old Spice YouTube channel. ...more
even if it is awesomemore

Super Ad Sunday (And A Football Game)

As has been true for the past few years, the football was more interesting than the commercials during this year's Super Bowl. Nevertheless, I, like many, sat down eager to watch both the game and the ads. ...more

The only chatter about that ad I've seen is in some of the advertising industry analysis and ...more

CBS Will Run Super Bowl Ad From Focus on the Family

In a departure from previous Super Bowl broadcasts, CBS will run an ad from advocacy group Focus on the Family during the February 7 broadcast. Previously CBS and NBC have turned down an anti-abortion ad featuring President Obama's life story, as well as spots produced by PETA, and The United Church of Christ. ...more

Hey babyface

Yesterday I was watching an advert for Maybelline Dream Creamy foundation. This is how it goes: 'Perfect looking skin? I want more.' What the WHAT? This is patent idiocy. What more could you want than perfection?  '100% baby-smooth-looking perfection', apparently. Hang on, let me get this straight: so it's not sufficient to aspire to the kind of perfect skin that very few women have anyway, now our aim must be to have the face of a baby? The kind of skin that, by definition, NO HUMAN, ADULT WOMAN CAN POSSIBLY HAVE? Well why don't you just shoot me now? If women buy into this ridiculous message, we are setting ourselves up for guaranteed misery....more


A MUST READ - Woman’s Acceptance Factor - about Madison Avenue's portrayal of women in ads. see this week's for the rundown on the data we know and love. Why do brands portray women as happy homemakers? Did all the guys in the room (there are rarely women) experience their mothers that way? Vision that about the women they pursue and partner with? Aspire for that for their daughters? How would a picture of a guy, mop in hand, or leading the toilet patrol fare? Would he be wearing that same smug thrill of a toilet well done? ...more

Why Marketing to Women is Smart Marketing

In the past, big ticket items like cars were deemed male and smaller ticket items like groceries were female. Therefore, marketing efforts were usually directed toward one sex or the other. All that has changed in the modern consumer world, however. Women now do most of the purchasing in just about every sector. For almost every business, there are several reasons to direct all kinds of marketing, be it TV commercials, brochures, or internet ads, towards women. ...more

Tips for Using Stickers to Promote Your Small Business

Stickers can be a very useful marketing tool. People like stickers, especially if they look high quality. And if the sticker is very attractive, it may be placed on notebooks, laptops, car bumpers, and on helmets. In this way, the sticker can advertise a business to everyone who comes in contact with your sticker. ...more