10 Ways to look scammy when you're really legit...

 How to look scammy when you're really legit......more

7 ways to tickle your audience

Have you ever tickled yourself? Maybe you tried for fun as a kid, and then realized it wasn’t very funny–literally. Well, the same is true for sharing stories. If you keep them to yourself, then there’s no magic, no sense of fun or possibility for the story to travel. Any storyteller will say that the magic of a story is in the telling, in the story itself, and in what happens to that story once it goes out into the world. In other words, it’s only when you tickle other people, or when they tickle you, that the fun begins....more
I am so thankful that all my break-ups happened before social media. The only way I've ever been ...more

Verify Your Website on Pinterest Today!

If you use Pinterest as a marketing tool, the website verification will make it a little easier for you to have your whole profile seen by people interacting with your content.Slowly but surely Pinterest is rolling out this verification process, which will allow users to see your entire website URL in your profile and in search results. In other words, instead of seeing a little globe by your name, they get your full URL right there in their face! Neat, right?!...more

Maximize the New Facebook Algorithm

Since Facebook went public in May, they have made a number of changes that have downright outraged the Facebook user community. Facebook used to be a free source of advertising, a vital component for most small business and community organizations. While Facebook is still free, they have now changed their algorithm, or how they prioritize posts. Businesses and organizations that once saw a considerable reach, gained likes on a daily basis, and had a lot of action on their wall, are now seeing their numbers drop. To top it off, Facebook is now encouraging owners of Facebook fan pages to pay for promoting their posts....more
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My name is Abbe @abbebrown & I am a twitter party-aholic. I was inspired to start this blog after a particularly interesting & educational twitter party led by @theonlinemom @geekbabe @ginaschreck & @robynsworld. If you have been on twitter & seen the #hashtags flying around & trending then you may have stumbled upon what’s known as a twitter party. Most twitter parties are hosted or led by bloggers and sponsored by companies who are looking to promote a product or cause....more

Integrating Your Digital with Traditional Marketing in 2013

A few weeks ago we discussed the online marketing trends for 2013; now we are going to bring offline marketing into the mix. Let’s analyze trends, identify areas where your marketing strategy can be improved upon, and integrate your offline marketing to make sure that next year’s plan is even better than the last.1. Email Trends ...more

Not Since Pick Temple

My debut on TV is the only thing that comes close to BlogHer '12.Even though I returned from BlogHer '12 on Sunday, August 5, I am still coming down from the experience today, over a month later....more
 @feelingbeachie Hey there, Hilary! That's close enough. You're a STAR! I thought of you ...more

What Does the Brand of YOU Represent?

Branding is an art and science for marketers.  They blend the key attributes of a product, service or company and position them to appeal to a consumer....more
@jglass8 This is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for the well-written and concise ...more

Nutella, Kashi, Health Claims, and Truth in Advertising

 Do we really want to depend on corporations to tell us what food is healthy for us?  Earlier this week I was struck by two news items that put this issue front and center....more

The Silver Lining in Travel Marketing

 "By the end of 2012, one billion tourists will have traveled the globe in a single year," says the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, Taleb Rifai. He further states, "Behind this impressive number lies an increasingly important engine of growth and job creation....more