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Pride.... God damn, I am hooked on asking.... We take college loans out so we can attend college... so why no ask questions?!!!! Stick your hand up in class, be the dumbass who asks why? You will surprised what you learn... on that note....I am tired, I am exausted, worn out, beat up, fucking done...I started this blog; to see if my profesors will read...Yet it has enabled me to commucate with others:including roomates, advisors, and maybe  in a weird way, tell my story.....more


People... Mops are shit!!!! Swiiiiifer is shit* spelled wrong for slander,* Including the others, the cleaning units you use are crap! Let us face it, if it was that easy, we would all have clean houses... We do not, so there for we are persuaded into using industrial cleaners, that claim to be public saftiess in mind... Bullshit! they want their product sold at the cheapest price, and sold to the cheapest market; which is us.... American comsumer... THINK ABOUT IT.....So the next time your mopping.... think? Would I eat off this floor?......more
I do not understand, who is listening?more