Do you have that special friend? The kind that always knows what to do. A friend who gets it. The friend that has the knack of knowing what to say when. The busy friend who always has time for one more thing. A friend who makes you feel important even when you may have forgotten that. The best laughs are when you are together....more

A Bad Marriage From the Female Perspective

When we decide to get married, we are filled with high hopes. Our expectations are to live a great life with the person we love. We are starting a life with someone who shares similar dreams. We want to work together toward the same goals. We each want to participate in the marriage by being our best, by being a team. We will communicate with respect and regard. We contribute both emotionally and financially toward making the marriage a success. When things don’t work out the way we plan, it becomes a very confusing time. You start questioning yourself....more

It Would Be Nice...

If someone understands…If you get asked even if you can’t make it…If you were in on the planning…  If you were perceived as you really are…If your good deeds were acknowledged…If you meet your goals…If your plans materialized…If your silence allows you to hear and learn…...more

Mothers Who Fill the Bills

This is in honor of all the great moms that are here and those that have gone.  You have given us your best.  Your unconditional love and support is apparent even when you do not always agree with our actions....more

A Smile Can Get You Everywhere

Do you want to get noticed in the workplace and/or in the dating world?  A great smile is the easiest way to attract attention.  With a simple smile you can exude confidence, happiness and an openness to new ideas or concepts.  You want your smile to be natural and appealing.  Practice smiling in front of a mirror so you are comfortable and relaxed when smiling.  You don’t want to look like you are trying to hard or that smiling is unnatural for you.  Here are 2 instances when a smile can open the proverbial doors in your career or love life....more

Turn An Obstacles Into A Triumph

 We are constantly told to make lemonade out of lemons and to look on the bright side of life. Well, sometimes the glass is just half empty and the lemons are only giving you seeds.  In order to come around and see life in a positive light again you may need to walk thru the darkness first....more

A Rulebook For Throwing Out The Dating Rulebook

No…these are not “The Swingers” rules but anything but. This blog is specifically tailored to our male clients and readers who never know what the “rules” are when you’re interested in a woman....more

A Great Parent Is A Great Leader

How does a great Parent resemble a great Leader? Parenting is an evolutionary, lifelong process.  Learning to transition from one phase to another is an essential element.  Here are a dozen ways to start building a strong, trusting parent/child relationship: ...more

Bathroom Privacy Becomes An Issue Once Children Come Along

Dear Tazi:I am the mother of two and a half year old twin girls. They are old enough to run around and get in trouble, and big enough to climb out of their crib without getting hurt. I am a stay-at-home Mom, so some days the only moment I have to myself is when I have to use the bathroom. I have always closed the door when I do my business and value my privacy in this area....more

Celebrate World Cat Day With Tazi-Kat!

Dear Readers: Today is World Cat Day, a day to celebrate cats and all that we do for you humans! For example, do you think anyone could make you feel as insignificant as a cat can make you feel? This is just one of the many services a cat provides (we keep you humble!) and one of the many feline-esque accomplishments that we celebrate today!  ...more