What I Owe To Grandma Dot (Advice That Changed Me) – Crochet Ruminations

 As far as advice that changed me? The first thing that comes to mind for me are words from my Grandmother when I was a child, after I showed her a crochet sculpted hockey puck I made. You see, a thought occurred to me as I was learning to crochet: that I could do more than what everyone around me was doing. That I didn’t have to just make doilies and afghans. That I could use a hook and yarn to sculpt, kind of like clay. So I set about to prove my theory. ...more

Helpful Household Hints

I've been wanting to write this post for quite some time, and have been putting it off.  One of my daughters friends posted this simple sentence on facebook yesterday:  "What is your best household tip?" and my brain got clicking and I wrote her like ten comments, going back each time I thought of one.  The things I think and do are trial and error, helpful things I've learned from Mom and Grandmom, and other family members, and are things I wish I knew when I was first starting out on my own.So here we go with just a few! By room:...more
@HomeRearedChef how about cleanup when cooking? *hugs*more