Does Your Daughter Feel Pretty? Do You?

I do work at loving myself the way I am. When I run a few miles, I am grateful for the body that got me through it, despite that body carrying more pounds than I'd like. (Especially lately.) But, can't I love myself and want to change some things about me? Is there a way to teach daughters that loving yourself is not mutually exclusive to working to better the parts you don't love? ...more

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It sounds to me ...more

Top 5 Tips to Help your Child Avoid Bullying

Avoiding bullying can take a toll on not just your child but the entire family.  Kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be especially vulnerable to bullying, so beginning the bullying talk early can be beneficial to making sure your child can advocate for himself and is not be prey to the bully.  Here are five tips to help your child dodge the bully:...more

Parenting Dilemma #41

My daughter wants a puppy. She has made this very clear to us since she was 5 years-old. She is a few weeks shy of 8. For three years, we’ve had to listen to her whine and moan about wanting a puppy. ...more

Building Your Child's Library

Most often new parents think that starting a library for a child starts when they can read. This is not true. As a new parent you will want to start building your babies library as soon as you find out you are expecting. Book selection for a first time library will be very important for you as well as for your baby. Taking the time to research the market and observe what the experts are saying about books is time consuming....more

"I HATE you!!!"

You hear it, your heart sinks and you find yourself on the verge of tears. Those three ugly words we as parents wholeheartedly expect to hear, yet silently pray they are never uttered. I was prompted to write this by a girlfriend who posted today on FaceBook that her "tween" daughter screamed this at her for the first time today. Of course, all of her girlfriends came running to her virtual rescue giving hugs and saying "it's normal" and she must be doing something right to evoke such a response for her little darling. I on the other hand, take a different approach. ...more

So glad to hear I am not the only one!! Other "swear" words in our house include "stupid" "fat", ...more

A Little Grace Goes A Long Way

A few weeks ago I was rushing around the house getting ready to leave for our two week vacation.  We would be flying out and the kids and I would be driving back in a new-to-us van.  I tried hard that week to not procrastinate, to get everything done, to not stress myself out at the last minute--you know, my usual MO.  I did have most everything packed a couple days in advance, but my house was a complete disaster.  I had neglected laundry for far too long.  To make it worse I had decided to go through all the kids' and my clothes that didn't fit and organize them....more