Reasons to Feel Good About Leaving a Job

Leaving a job you established yourself in is difficult; I know this from experience.A few years ago I left an extremely awarding and fulfilling position in order to advocate  for my son with a disability.  The sad reality of the situation is the district I live in placed money above the needs of a large number of children; and I was the only parent to fight tooth and nail to make sure my son received the education and assistance he needed. ...more

Meet The Children: When Is The Best Time To Introduce A New Love Interest?

So you have a new beau and things have been going pretty smoothly.  You have decided that he or she is a keeper and the two of you are pretty much in sync with one another.  It's been a couple of months and now you ready to take the next step-- introducing your new love interest to your child(ren).  Hold up!  Wait a minute, Cowgirl!  There are some things that you should consider before going to that rodeo and introducing your child(ren) to your new boo. ...more
Just wanted to add my experience. My daughters father and I divorced when she was just 6. ...more

Virtual Helping Hands for Single Moms

Has keeping up with your Facebook communities, Pinterest duties, Linkedin relationships, upping our Twitter followers, and plain old parental duties have you burnt out? I feel pretty confident in stating that all this new technology has added more stress to our daily lives, rather than making things easier.  But it’s not all bad. Fortunately, some very clever entrepreneurs have stepped up to lend a virtual helping hand.  Here are 10 super cool products and services that will allow you to spend less time on your “to-do’s” and more time with your kids. ...more

What a Mother teachers her daughter

I've always said that I don't want to be my daughter's friend. She's in college now, and nothing's changed. - We're never EVER gonna be club pals. Hellllllll nawwwwwwwwwww!- She's not gonna be able to be around me cussing up a storm. - We won't get matching tattoos.- Yes and No Ma'am will never become an outdated way of replying to my questions.- I'm not going to hit her up for money when I blow through mine, or expect her to cover me on my bills.- We will not date out of the same pool of guys....more

Even That Man vs. Wild Dude Wouldn't Take This Task On...

I am not really afraid of anything.  Except for frogs and rejection.  Don't ask me why but I've had a strange fear of frogs since I was little, I think it's the unpredictable jumping at you thing.  And rejection, well that's why I suck at selling anything except myself.  I was the worst commercial print salesperson ever, but I was a decent realtor....more
Hey there, Madge! I can't help you as I don't have to do it at all and I'm a nervous wreck ...more

Morning Rush   During the morning with having three girls, I often deal with three personalities, my oldest daughter is one of order in the morning she double checks to make sure she has everything in order. In addition my oldest daughter  sounds as though she has been woke for hours, only getting up a few minutes prior....more

Where to find me

Currently travelling through life as a single parent of two beautiful, well adjusted children.  You can find me at   Improving my world one day at a time....more

From Boys To Men: The Trials of A Single Parent Woman Raising A Son

  A few months ago, my 10 1/2 year old son, ran into my bedroom to make an announcement. “Mommy, some creamy stuff came out of my penis! I’m a man now!” I choked on my water, literally. ...more

I find everyday with my son to be fun and challenging. He sometimes asks me questions like do I ...more

Discipline and Co-parenting

Disciplining children can be hard enough as it is in a traditional family.  But add divorce, joint custody and getting remarried to the equation and it makes it even more difficult. The girl’s father was very lazy, nothing bothered him and it took pulling teeth and ultimatums to get him to lift a finger.  Now I’m in a relationship that is quite the opposite:  Frank does things way before I even need to ask.  The problem with this type of personality though is that he is ‘Johnny on the Spot’ when it comes to my girls and the proper discipline. ...more