I am still a Girl... And I still want my Orgas_ _ (COOKIE)!!

Truths from the Chaos                    Several of my girlfriends say I am in such a fearless place in my life today. OK. I suppose I am OK with this observation....more
@Denise YEAH! I think I want a Do Over with that one D:-) more

What Does It Take To Be a Strong Woman ?

  There are many excellent examples in the Bible of godly women who were accomplished. The women of the Bible are strong and quite diverse. There are many women in various roles to be admired. Eve; the wife of Adam was the first woman. She was taken out of Adam to be alongside of him as his partner....more

If there is anyone I love most... its my cat :)

Now, I know its a common misconception that women just "love cats," not all women love cats, but I have to say that for me, my cat is my best friend. Now I am a normal girl with a bf and a fulltime job- another misconception is that women who love cats are alone and have no lives. Well, obviously this is not true and even with my bf who i love to death, he would never get me to get rid of my cat. My cat is my best friend, and my bf understands because there is a bond between woman and animal that surpasses normal human relationships. ...more

Do what you love. Love what you do...

Imagine going to work every day and being in-love with what you do!  You can't wait to get to work and start the day.  You're the kind of gal who wears a smile all the time,  you make fresh ground coffee twice a day and you bake cookies or bring in a savory snack on any occassion. You are not average.  In fact, you make up about 25% of the population in America.  Okay, it is good to have a job, especially in this economy, but why not be in that elusive group who LOVE their job.  Ever consider starting your own busin...more

Check Engine Light - Don't Ignore me!