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Congratulations, Graduate! Advice for every Ceremony from Pre-school to College

The graduation season is upon us, from Pre-school to College. As parents, it’s our job to mark the passage of time with deep sighs, head shakes, and appropriate gifts. I don’t consider myself a protocol professional, but I am a veteran of too many graduations to count, having grown up in a family of 8 kids who seemed to be constantly graduating from somewhere. In addition, my own children have been through a few ceremonies themselves, so I want to offer a short and sweet graduation handbook. Pre-school and Kindergarten...more

The Importance of Conspicuously Parenting Teens

Monday morning I went for a walk with two friends who are mothers. As it often does, talk fairly quickly turned to our teenage daughters and the triumphs and challenges we are facing right now. We took turns talking about and listening to each others' unique perspectives and it felt good to be in the company of others whose values are similar and who may have fresh ideas for looking at sticky situations. I was struck by how incredibly important parents are to children as they go through the early teen years. ...more
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Dear Children

My Dear Children, I feel the time has come to correct something I taught you as true that, as it turns out, is not true at all. As each of you know, I have always tried to be truthful with you, believing that shooting straight would build trust. Everybody, especially kids, deserves honest answers to direct questions. For instance, when asked about the existence of Santa Claus, I always said, “No, there is no such thing.” If you still wanted to play along with the ruse as a fun game, that was cool with me. ...more
I taught my kids that they were special..... to ME.  But I also taught them that there's shit ya ...more

Real Life

Sometimes, real life just gets in the way.  It’s been several weeks since I last wrote on my blog, but in that time I’ve dealt with graduations, job proposals and deadlines, broken bones (not mine), out of town visitors, some bad luck, some good luck, too many soccer tournaments and who knows what else.  It’s really all a blur. The problem I can’t seem to control, and what is clearly frustrating to me these days, is when real life gets in the way of my fun life....more

A 16-Year-Old Hit My Son's Car While Texting and Driving

One recent evening my husband and I were lying in bed watching our version of a bedtime story -- House Hunters International. At around 10:15 we heard the front door -- our son was home for the evening. There’s a sense of calm that comes over a parent, no matter how old their children, when the kids are all safely at home for the night -- and that’s what I felt as the door shut and the front light went off. Then we heard a crash -- the kind of crash no one wants to hear. ...more
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If You Don't Go to the Dance with Me, I'll Shoot You in the Face

Seriously, this is what it has come to.  I'm afraid for my kids sometimes that, (due to several incidences in the last 15 years), what if they look at a kid sideways, reject an invite to a dance, or laughs on 1st impulse when somebody trips, that that kid is going to go postal or stalk and beat a kid to death.  Unfortunately, it's our new reality.All right, since no one else is going to say it, I'll say it......more

Top Ten Stressors for the Average Teenage Girl

The top ten stressors for the average teenage girl come in many forms. Some may surprise you and some may not, but what they all have in common is a damaging effect on teen self-esteem.Body Image– How she sees herself, how she compares herself to her friends, and the complications of eating disorders.Boys/relationships–Wanting a boy or girl to like her, but not necessarily understanding how to go about it a healthy or positive way. Romanticizing the concept of a relationship....more