Would You Pay $150+ for Year-Round Fresh Herbs?

Heaven knows, by mid-February, the days may be longer here in the northern hemisphere but precious little edible is growing. In my hometown of St. Louis, the first farmers markets will open in mid April but at least one will delay its opening until late May. That's just two weeks after our last-risk-of-freeze date but the market master knows that until then, there's really just not enough farm produce and that even the best grass-fed meats, free-range eggs, whole-grain breads and hand-crafted chocolates won't satisfy home cooks hungry for fresh vegetables and seasonally-challenged shoppers expecting home-grown tomatoes that won't in fact appear for still another eight weeks. So what about keeping year-round summer with a mini greenhouse, the current staple of late-night television advertorials, the Aerogarden? Let's see what bloggers say about the AeroGarden, the hydroponic countertop garden which sells for $150 and hits all the huckster hot buttons -- "no dirt, no pesticides, no weeding -- and no green thumb required"! ...more

I'm seriously late weighing in on this discussion! Thanks for including my review in your post. ...more