You're Having An Affair....

and you probably don’t even know it, because you think having an affair is all about sex with someone other than your man/woman. But there is another type of affair that might hurt just a bit more… emotional affair. For some, an emotional affair is far more hurtful because it consists of a deeper connection,  yes…..even deeper than penetration. Sex can pop off at any moment but it takes time to develop an emotional connection with someone....more

10 Ways Blogging Is Like Having an Affair

The more I have grown to love blogging, the more I have noticed so many changes in my lifestyle, and I think this blogging thing has many similarities to having an affair. Below are just a few examples of signs valid enough for anybody (a. k. a. the husband) to doubt your fidelity. ...more
Holoholo Girls Let me know when you learned how to balance things out because I sure need some ...more

Love, Tossed Out of The Window

It’s hard to describe what it feels like to discover your husband has been cheating on you. Luckily, I’m not often asked about it, because people are usually too afraid to ask. They convince themselves that it’s none of their business, that I probably don’t want to talk about it, or that it would just make an otherwise lovely afternoon uncomfortable. The truth is that I want to say all of this out loud because it really happened....more
Beautiful, my life changed one Friday morning 2 months when I confirmed my husband had been ...more

What's It REALLY Like to Have An Affair?

It was my deepest, darkest secret – something that nourished me, tortured me, yet ultimately tore my family apart:  After seven years of marriage, the birth of three kids, and weathering the emotional storm of my husband’s infidelity, I made the choice to have an affair....more

Starting an Affair

It's august 2012 Everything I'm about to tell you is the absolute truth; or, as close to it as I can get. I hadn't meant to start anything. ...more

Dear Demi,

If Demi Moore and I were actually friends, I would write the following letter to her: Dear Demi, Let me just start by saying that Ashton is a jerk for what he did.  But, you don’t really think he cheated because you’re 49, do you? Seriously?  Ashton cheated because he has a problem, whatever it is.  Ok, maybe you did have problems in your marriage. Who doesn’t?  But, that’s not why he cheated.  People don’t cheat because of their marriage.  They cheat because of themselves. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: He Takes Advantage of My Affection for Him

Dear Dr. Romance: I don't want to be here anymore. Be here on this earth that is, be here in this ole' body of mine. Perhaps you can help. I think I'm simply looking for some inspiration. Also, when I think about no longer being "alive"... I am comforted. This feeling of calm comes over me. That's not a good sign, is it? I'm over fifty years old. I would have to admit I am sad and perhaps frustrated, and yes, maybe a little angry. I'm sure there are people out there who do love me, however, they seldom show it....more

He Cheated -- Now What?

They were together over 20 years when he confessed his infidelity. The other woman was carrying his child and she was putting pressure on him to leave his wife. This is how their marriage survived. ...more
I walked through the same exact thing, and I chose to stay and fight.  It was the best decision ...more

Playing With Fire: When You're the One Who's Tempted

Many of us are unprepared to deny biology's drive after marriage. We see it as a weakness, a gross manifestation of our lack of faith and inner strength. We suffer this almost inevitable shame to eventually -- given enough shame and public penance -- be told it happens to good people and assured we can get through it if we find our path again and work together as a couple. There is no prevention where infidelity is concerned, only damage control. How do marriages survive? ...more
I always hear/read that it's normal to be attracted to other people when you're in love, and the ...more

What I Told Myself

What I Told Myself (Part 5 of the series "Once More With Feeling: An Infidelity Story")   I’m spending quite a bit of time on the floor of late.  Sprawled out, flat on my face like I’ve been shot (I guess, in a way, I have been, or might as well have been).  I’ve had moments where I wanted to pray to God, but I couldn’t even formulate a respectable prayer.  Sometim...more