Sweatin' the small stuff.

Let's take a moment to talk about sweat.I know, ew. I've used Secret deodorant for many, many years - and recently I've discovered that it may be "Strong enough for a man", but it can't hold a candle to the stank that is menopause sweat. OMG. If there's one thing that mightily offends my scentsors, it's the stink of  BO.I mean, I like the smell of skin sometimes, especially a lover's special scent. But nasty pit-smell? NO THANK  YOU. ...more
summerjourney I hope it works as well for you as it does for me. I am SO OVER MENOPAUSE OMG. :)more

What part of menopause don't you get?

@Waffle-Wednesday Not to worry, as not all women experience the same perimenopausal symptoms!!  ...more

Is It Possible For A Woman (Of 50-ish...) To Spontaneously Combust?!

OK...so, it had been one month since I had been off of all medications, with the exception of my vitamins.  No hormones and no thyroid medication.  Yea...imagine THAT!  Well, Monday I made my trek back to the doctor's office for that one month check-up on my thyroid tsh levels and this is what I discovered. ...more

perimenopause belly fat challenge

so as I mentioned, I went out and bought a new scale because my kids messed up the old one.  Turns out that depending on where the new scale sat on my floor I weighed more or less.  New scale returned.  After conducting considerable online research I realized that a reliable home scale is quite hard to come by, so I'm back on my old one, where I've lost about 5 pounds more or less. ...more

Hair, or the lack thereof

Not wanting to be seen by anyone I knew, I ducked into a store quite a distance from our house, heading straight for the product I sought. I had been eyeing it for years, but until this moment, couldn't rouse the courage to actually buy it. Tucking the box under my arm so the name wasn't obvious, I grabbed a few more items to further hide it and headed to check-out, trying to act nonchalant about my purchase...Tom was cutting my hair. He would touch a section with scissors and then pull back, comb another section, let it fall.I sensed his frustration. "What is it?"...more
@isthisthemiddle Thanks for the good luck wishes! Good luck in your quest, too. I'm afraid my ...more

Shmirshky - The Pursuit of Hormone Happiness

Need some help with menopause? Shmirshky is the book for you. It is the A-Z of menopause with a lot of humor.Check out the review along with other helpful links at http://kristibernard.wordpress.com ...more

Menopause Affects Women in Many Different Ways

Menopause Affects Women in Many Different Ways A first-of-its-kind national poll reveals how  ...more