New Year’s Resolutions 2.0: Five Reasons Why February is the New January

I was recently at the Sundance film festival in Utah with some girlfriends....more

Most likes..and a first post on BlogHer

I got this message on my Wordpress blog, Occasional Stuff today.  OK, so thirty-six likes on probably isn’t a very big number, but you know what, it’s only 15:30 Irish time and a lot can happen between now and midnight....more

His Needs: Ways To Affirm Your Man

It didn't take me long to realize my man needs to hear words of affirmation from me regularly!   In fact, I think you'll find, a lot of men do!  They want to know they are appreciated, respected, and held in high regard in our eyes.  So, how do we fill their need for this affirmation?  Get creative!...more

Affirmations for a 30-Something

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf...more

Daily Affirmations for Children

As we make our plans to live life with purpose, let us not forget about our children. They too can set goals for themselves and speaking affirmations daily will empower them to put in the work to see those goals come to fruition.As parents, we can help our children develop their affirmations, provide support and encouragement, and serve as their accountability partners. Furthermore, they should see and hear us model the behavior of writing and speaking daily affirmations....more

Easy Affirmations

Is Your Story in Your Way?

I spent a previous blog separating story from reality. I spent a previous blog separating story from reality. My basic example is this: gravity is real, why we think it works is a story. We all have a story and it colors everything we experience.“Big deal,” you might say. “So we all have a story.” Consider this, what if your story got out of the way of your happiness? I bet that caught your attention....more

New Year's Resolutions: Focusing on the Positive

New Year's Resolutions: Focusing on the Positive It's that time of, not when the world falls in love - that's just in the song!  It's really that time of year when everyone WANTS something.  From Christmas letters to Santa to New Year's Resolutions, it's all about what we WANT.  Maybe this is why I love Thanksgiving so much?...more
I think the best gift anyone can give themselves over the New Years is to be kind to yourself ...more

A Gift of Sanctuary

Change your outlook by changing your mind.  Change your mind by thinking of other things. And think of other things by listening to guided imagery, music and soothing sounds. You know how the whif of hot chocolate takes you back to weekend ski trips in high school? Well, imagine having a whole CD of mental downloads shared in the warm soothing voice of Robert Gerzon. Add the cadence of tropical music, the lap of ocean waves as well as wonderfully descriptive verbal images and you have a trip to Sanctuary Island....more
Now that sounds like a really good idea. That may actually be a great gift to give this year to ...more

Dear Losing Myself