8 Affirmations for Confidence and Self Acceptance

In honor of the new HerAfter Beautiful Confidence e-book (which comes out today!) we’re sharing a little sneak peak inside look. As a former yoga teacher and big fan of meditation with affirmations, I’m so excited to share these positive affirmations for confidence....more

6 Tips How to Think Positive in Life

Are you able to think positive every day? Do you feel that you don't have any luck? In today's fast world with so many things going on - work, family, traffic, bills, health, hair, beauty, finances, relationship - is it possible to live a stress free life? Are you able to get rid of constantly negative thoughts? One of the first things I started to work on consciously with my own personal aim was to live a positive life. Although, I sometimes tumble backwards, however I always try to be optimistic. The following steps will help you to stay positive no matter what....more

Don't Think Green OR the Secret to Immortality

Don't think green.Did it work? Or did your mind immediately flash on the color green even though you specifically told it not to?...more

3 Affirmations That Quiet the Jerk in My Head

When I start to drift down, I tend to forget.I forget being happy. I forget that people love me. I forget that every down day doesn't mean I'm entering a depression....more
becksta1971 That's a great one. Nothing but good can come of this. I'll have to remember that.more

How Many of You Practice Affirmations?

 Are daily affirmations something that you practice? Have you noticed any changes in your life by using them?Train your subconscious to back you up not work against you.SarahGirlfriends Are Like Shoes...more

Using Daily Affirmations for Physical, Emotional and Mental Healing

Louise Hay Inspired Daily Affirmations for Self Love, Self Acceptance and Healing...more

Creating Good Parking Karma

No matter your spiritual affiliation, you have probably observed that certain people seem to have all the luck when it comes to finding parking. I was not such a person....more