How To Rock a Plum Lip This Fall

How to Rock a Plum Lip This Fall...more

Construction: Week 10 – A Rockn’ Week

I am 100% biased when I say this, but Utah is one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever been to and I bet you would get the same response if you asked any of it’s 4 million residence. Within a six-hour drive you can drive from top to bottom and travel through a variety of climates including vast farms and fields, towering mountains, crystal blue lakes and sandstone deserts so red it feel like you’re on Mars. Utah is also blessed with dense dark soil laced with thick clay and large lattices of stone, which I learned this weekend isn’t ideal for landscapers. ...more

Giant Jenga Game

Hello my beautiful followers!  My step-son is graduating this year....more

How to Make DIY Scrabble Tile Cufflinks

Inspired by a pair of monogrammed cufflinks that Kevin Spacey's character, Frank Underwood, was given on House of Cards, I created my own pair to celebrate National Scrabble Day! ...more

Open Letter to Those Who Don't Believe in Publicly Funded and Regulated Daycare

In response to the commenters on this article in the Toronto Star—and every article ever—about the need for safe, affordable childcare for working families. ...more
PreshusMe Experienced Bad Mom Politicians are parents. They have children just like you do. They ...more

Natural Matte Eyes with Drugstore Quad

I've said before, I love matte eyeshadows.  I think it can give such a clean and polished look.  I've been using my Physician's Formula Matte Collection Quad Eyeshadow in Canyon Classics a lot lately to get a really natural and fresh everyday look....more

Celebrate Food Day In A Big Way

On Wednesday, supporters of healthy, affordable, and sustainable food across the United States will celebrate Food Day 2012. According to organizers, Food Day is a chance to celebrate what our food system does right, and take action to bring us closer to a food system with “real food” that is produced with care for the environment, animals, and the women and men who grow, harvest, and serve it. ...more