The Affordable Care Supreme Court Ruling: Victory for Obama, America

Yesterday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act is a big victory for Obama and a HUGE victory for the American people. But the most meaningful victory is for the integrity of these United States....more

Why Americans are short sighted  This is a kinder, gentler title than what I initially wanted.  Just so you know. Since the health care mandate case (or cases, really) was (were) argued in the Supreme Court last week, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the issue.  For a couple of days there, I had to just keep my mouth shut all the time, because engaging in discussion over it threatens to explode my head.  I just don’t understand people. ...more

Epilepsy and Disability Rights

Nine months ago, I decided to come out to the blogging world as an epileptic. Since then, I have written a great deal about epilepsy. It's been a journey--I never would have imagined when I began that I would end up sharing the things that I have: personal stories, many of which I kept from the people closest to me. But I felt that, by sharing these stories, that I would expose the ways in which our society, culture, and law discriminates and deliberately hurts those of us with neurological and physical disabilities. I wanted an outlet for my frustration....more

(BLOGHER OPEN DEBATE) Should Birth Control be Free?

What if you didn't have to pay each month for birth control? What if birth control pills were free to every insurance-holder in America? The New York Times reported today on a possible change in the way birth control is handled by insurance companies. ...more
I think that all birth control: condoms, IUDs, the pill, etc., should be covered 100% by health ...more