Sharon Day: Burdening Women With Misleading Information About ObamaCare

I’d like to take a moment to address the false and misleading claims made by Sharon Day in her post ObamaCare: Burdening Women. If one reads through quickly, it seems as if ObamaCare, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, has decimated families across the country. Day makes it seem as though women are having their health insurance stripped away and that these women are now going to have to pay exorbitant amounts for healthcare coverage if they want it back....more
@davenportdiy Some of her sources weren't necessarily poor ones, she just cherry-picked ...more

Can You Haggle for Health Care?

You can’t really pick up a newspaper or magazine without finding an article about health care. We read, listen and watch as the tale unfolds, but rarely do we truly understand the plot, or any of the twists and turns, until we are the protagonist. ...more
wow. This is something I didn't really think about before, thank you! This has started me thinking.more

Crisis in Healthcare... Who's at Risk?

   A recent article addresses the healthcare crisis in America. At present, the number of uninsured Americans at risk has increased to 53 million... Are there any solutions? Below is an excerpt from this article. ...more

A Sigh of Relief for Healthcare

For years now health has been political. I don't want political healthcare. I just care about health for my family. There are three reasons why this healthcare reform bill was important for my little worldI am a woman ...more

Immigration and the B*stard in Me

If you were slapped, whipped, lied on, degraded, threatened, humilated, called a whore from the ages of 12 to 21, then you escaped & went on to live your American dream... you'd have a helluva story to tell. Your name would be Ola*. You started out in America as a child slave trafficked from West Africa to cook, clean & nanny for your cousin's family of 5. You'd be my age now. You'd be my friend & neighbor. Our daughters would be BFFs. ...more
 @Reshmi Hebbar I was able to make a clear connection to the Muslim community with this issue ...more

Reform Law's Preventive Benefits, Expanded Coverage Succeed in Bringing Patients Back to the Care They Need

Our Guest Writer Today is Arlene Karidis, Freelance Writer and Cancer Survivor.  This is the Final Part of a 3 Part Series of how beneficial the affordable Health Care Act is for real americans with real health issues....more

I Am Medically Uninsurable ... Because of a Sprained Ankle

I am medically uninsurable. I know this because two different companies -- CareFirst and Aetna -- have declared it so in the past two weeks. I am medically uninsurable because I went to the doctor for my sprained ankle. Don't go to the doctor if you want health insurance. ...more

I'll put it right out there and state that I am a conservative. However, I have also been put ...more