5 Makeup Rules that Also Saves Some Bucks for You

Are you one of those who spend heavily on your styling and makeup? Is the shaky economy not allowing you to be the makeup addict that you are? Do you think you will have to give up all that you do to look good? Well, no, you don’t really have to. As any makeup artist, dermatologist or hairstylist would tell you, you can still look like a celebrity whilst spending only a few pennies.Here are some great lessons on how to save bucks when you are shopping your beauty products. You can also make good use of what you already have....more

A night out look using Blue Brown Pigment from MAC

As a makeup artist I hardly ever have time to doll myself up, because who wants to be up out of the house at 4 am with a full face of makeup!? Not me ! I believe in making sure you are clean, polished and professional.  However, this weekend I did hair and makeup for a very special young girl in my family for her cotillion and decided to glam myself up.  I wasn't sure on what look I wanted, I just knew that I wanted to use blue brown pigment from MAC. It is a gorgeous pigment and honestly you just have to see it in person....more

-How to look Glamorous on your Birthday-

-How to look Glamorous on your Birthday-Check out this fun YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvbG2hUOVG8Hope you enjoyed it & please subscribe =) Have a wonderful day beautifuls !If you want the annotations to show up in the video (want to know what products were used to create the looks, watch it from a computer instead of your phone, for some reason it's not showing up on the phone). Thanks for watching beautifuls & please SUBSCRIBE if you would like to see more makeup & DIY beauty tutorials. XX...more