What can you do to help when your kid becomes afraid of the dark?

My 6-year old has a new fear of the dark and wants me to lie in bed with her. How can I stop this before it becomes a habit?photocredit...more

Help! My Child is Afraid to Go to Sleep at Night

My Child is afraid to go to sleep at night. What can I do to help him?photocredit...more

Den Chronicles: Suck it Up!

How many mothers think that once their children reach a certain age they will start getting better sleep?  I hate to inform them that the reality is you trade little or no sleep for restless or different types of sleep.For instance, my eight year old is now, all the sudden, afraid of the dark. He is our youngest child, and I am sure part of the fear is due to his older siblings telling him ghost stories. We have banned TV, monitored which books he can read, brought the dog in to sleep in his room, left the lights on, turned on music, etc. etc. to no avail....more
LOL! I totally grew up in an Irish Catholic family! And superstitious to boot! But seriously, we ...more