Lessons from the Roof of Africa

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had. One year on, I'm only just started  understanding some of the lessons I learnt. I've begun to realise that while important on the mountain, these lessons resonate with other aspects of my life too....more

Women climb ranks in police forces across Africa

Cross-posted from UN Women At 8 years of age, Sadatu Reeves came across photographs of women police officers in a magazine her father brought home from abroad. The empowered images sparked a deep-seated desire to don her own uniform. ...more

‘They Will Have To Kill Us First’ doc released in the US

Music was as essential as air for those living in the west African country of Mali. Then the Islamist militants flooded in and banned music, choking off an integral part of Mali’s culture.Instruments were burned, radio stations were ripped apart and musicians were tortured....more

No Going Back

Final Day in Rwanda

Catch up on Part 1 of our Rwanda trip here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6 ...more

Home from another semester in Africa

We are back from another semester teaching in a Tanzanian seminary in East Africa. No way to do blog posts from there. I taught Bible and American History, Life and Culture. Wonderful, eager students. I preached in villages and went to a village parish most Sundays. I loved it. The color, the drumming and dancing in worship, the people.  I encouraged twelve step recovery for a family member of an alcoholic. It is good to be one of a very few white people in an African culture. Changes the dynamic of race. Eternal summer. Africa rules!...more

Leopard Spotting in the Serengeti

The next 3 days of of our African Adventure were spent in the Serengeti. Our goal here was to spot some of the rarely seen leopards, ...more

My African Adventure

This autumn brought the trip of a lifetime....more

Zimbabwe dies as we watch

I've been receiving a lot of congratulatory messages for the 'bravery' of becoming the first woman to show my support to the 'Occupy Africa Unity Square' movement. https://www.facebook.com/robina.chombe/posts/734846163235097?ref=notif&n...I would like to reinstate my stance that I AM NOT BRAVE.  I am still a coward!  Even more so that I have gone to show my support.  But ...  I had to, I didn't have much of a choice.  I had to do it -  for the sake of my Zimbabwe. ...more


Do you remember 1967, when the infamous "Summer of Love" in San Francisco made headlines worldwide and everyone wore flowers in their hair? ...more