African Coconut Quinoa

As an African chef, I look for new ways to remake classic. Quinoa is a delious healthy and ancient grain that has gotten a lotof press lately. This supergrain is not only delicious and has a way of keeping one trim, it is also very versatile. Try this West African jollof versiion of Quinoa, it will keep you comingback for more!    ...more

Finally! Characters in Romance Novels Who Look Like Me – and Maybe You, Too

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are spotlighting women of color who are bringing diversity to the Romance genre. I’ve never really been a big fan of romance novels. They just seem so… unrealistic. You know, the mysterious hero with the heart of gold, the innocent—yet not so innocent—maiden, and all that creamy ivory skin. Always ivory skin. Never golden, brown, or mahogany. It doesn’t help the preferred settings--the Wild West, Ye Olde England, and Medieval Europe--don’t exactly lend themselves to anything but… ivory skin. ...more
@Grace Hwang Lynch The romance novels I have read in the past were by authors like: Linda Lael ...more

Brown and Yellow Women Dying to be Pale

Do you associate summer with pool parties, picnics, beach trips, and the sunkissed skin that comes with it? As an Asian American woman, I have the kind of complexion that tans easily— my skin darkens by a few shades after a quick lunchtime walk. Unfortunately, as an Asian woman, that’s not the kind of complexion my culture considers beautiful. In fact, it's spawned a lucrative -- and potentially dangerous -- industry of skin lightening products. During a recent beach trip, I found myself huddled on a blanket with several other Asian American women, comparing SPFs and stories of how dark we got during our own childhoods, and how much our mothers lamented it: “Brown as a monkey!”...more
I loved this article. I am Native American, Spanish, and Irish mixed. I have black hair, but ...more

Meditations on an Afro

I got a hair cut from my hair guru, Ahmed this week.  This man has been instrumental in sanity retention on more than one occasion, like the time I was on bed rest during hideous Pregnancy Numero Tres and he came to my house to remove the vast majority of my unwashed hair. He is good. ...more

What a kind comment MiChelle! Thanks for the support and understanding. And let me tell you, I ...more

Reflecting on Akoma - Patience and Tolerence

  Akoma is the beautiful Adinkra symbol that represents tolerence and patience....more

Frederick Douglass on Women's Rights: “Right is of No Sex”

In honor of Black History Month, I thought it was only appropriate to remember a man who stood alongside women in their fight for equality for almost half a century. That man was Frederick Douglass. ...more

Reflections on Mama Saartjie, The Saartjie Project Performance, and My Womanline

Reflections on Mama Saartjie, The Saartjie Project Performance, and My Womanline by Ananda Leeke Copyright 2008 by Madelyn C. Leeke. Excerpt from That Which Awakens Me: A Woman's Poetic Memoir (IUniverse, Inc. - December 2008) ...more